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    WiiU Community needs/deserves Nuketown2025 - for free

      A_Trey_U, maybe you can comment if you have any add'l info....This may have been addressed in other threads, but Nuketown 2025 should be given to all WiiU players for free.  I understand that this probably would need to be pushed out via DLC, HOWEVER, it should NOT be lumped into the discussions/negotiations of the WiiU getting and paying for Map Packs.  Reasons why are these...


      1) Nuketown 2025 effectively came w/the game on the other platforms, so the WiiU is essentially not getting the full version of the game.

      2) Unlike Map Packs that would be paid for and (in the case of the WiiU) would divide the small community to the point where matchmaking would become a bigger issue, a free release of Nuketown 2025 for everyone would maintain community consistency.

      3) It is in Nintendo/Activision/Treyarch's best interest to do this b/c it creates goodwill by showing complete support for the game, would get add'l people to buy the game on the WiiU, AND most importantly send a message that the WiiU is/will be on par w/any console in this version of CoD and in the future.


      Until this happens, the WiiU will NOT be considered to be on par w/the other consoles.  I think Treyarch is doing a great job given how small our community currently is.  I also love Ninendo, but if they want to survive/thrive, they need to bend over backwards for their hardcore gamers.  NOW is the window of opportunity and that window has been slowly closing.  Their sales forecasts keep getting revised downwards, and if they want that trend to continue, then by all means drag out things like not getting us Nuketown 2025, which should not be that difficult.  Like many other Wii owners who have also bought the WiiU, I will migrate to a different console if they don't step up third party title support.  I also love CoD, but will migrate to other games if I feel the experience is far less than ideal.  Lastly, MWR and Black Ops 1 were excellent games!