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    Things you would like to see changed or new

      Me personally i would like to see three things.


      1. If i run out of bullets in my gun i should be able to just drop it and use my knife. I can then run faster to find another gun or just play like i want.

      2.Random weather for each map. just a random thought

      3. Increase the normal running distance. ( i mean come on these guys are trained killing machines you mean to tell me they cant run across the Carrier short ways without stopping)

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          Re: Things you would like to see changed or new

          1. I want bigger maps. Accuracy matters more in bigger maps. Those with bad aim would have a harder time.


          2. Dynamic weather and variable time of day.



          3. Destructible environment.


          4. Supressive fire.


          5. Being able to shoot while diving.


          6. DLC Perk/Killstreak/Weapon


          7. Dedicated servers. I am willing to rent my own dedi and hold special events like "Sniper only Tuesday".


          8. A "Final Move" similar to Far Cry 3's. I would like to be able to punish the best player on the other team. It will make the matches more personal.



          9. Native Eyefinity/3d Surround support so that multiple screen gaming will be possible without a third party software (Widescreen Fixer).



          10. FOV changer for consoles. 65 is too low specially if you're playing on a gaming monitor.

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            Re: Things you would like to see changed or new

            1. Dedicated Servers.

            2. Increased player limit for all game types.

            3. Vote to kick option.

            4. Double health game types.

            5. Camper kill medals.

            6. No streak rewards and instead, just airdrop random crates into the game for players to fight over.

            7. Let black hats roll care packages.

            8. Give me a drop shot medal when I prone while shooting.

            9. Give the AR more random hipfire accuracy.

            10. Give shotguns more recoil.

            11. Stop giving sniper rifles perfect accuracy instantly after ADS.

            12. Players that are not moving should not have aim assist.

            13. No one should have aim assist.

            14. Maps that don't always have three choke points in every direction.

            15. Firendly fire in all game types with a kick system that kicks after 5 and doesn't count streaks.

            16. Bullets that come from the chest, not the head so people can't headglitch.

            17. Clan rewards that make you want to do the opperations after level 10.

            18. Mercenary Kill Confirmed Ground War.

            19. Ground War on all maps.

            20. A development team that listens to smart customers insteads of immature trolls.

            21. Proximity chat so you hear the enemy talking if he's close by.

            22. Choice to be female.

            23. Low scorestreak single attack dog.

            24. No late join losses.

            25. Put all resources into multiplayer and make it three times better.

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              Re: Things you would like to see changed or new

              - Assign different scorestreaks to each of my classes.

              - New party modes.

              - A map with a verity of choke points.

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                Re: Things you would like to see changed or new

                - Dedicated servers: I think all serious clans and game companies would be more than willing to rent a server seeing as the game is so popular. This would also allow us to perform a filtered search by location, gametype, connection quality etc. and only join a server that we have a good ping to.


                - Fix the corruption issues between offline(bots)  and online multiplayer. You put the mode there for us to enjoy yet playing offline has on multiple occasions corrupted my online profile causing me to often drops levels and more recently lose all of my unlock tokens.


                - Increase the age requirement or at least apply a minimum age. It concerns me that 99% of the people who abuse the game and attempt to insult innocent players are actually children younger than 12. Some I've heard on there sound no older than 5 years old. I know it is up to the parents but there needs to be a contractual young age limit so we can at least report these kids. A toddler playing an FPS is excessive.


                - Fix the lag issues. This isn't one person blaming the fact they are a bad player on the lag. This is a whole community crying out for change. A backwards, inside out world where people with the best connections have the worst time during game play. I don't care what you think is causing the problem (it isn't of concern to us) but you need to watch the endless material on Youtube and you need to fix it or you won't be getting a bonus next year; you will be begging for a job with a game company that knows how to make a FPS without buckets of lag.

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                  Re: Things you would like to see changed or new

                  This is whats wrong with good games getting more and more popular. People come in here with their 'awesome' ideas and 5 years later that game is nothing close to a shadow of what it used to be. Sure throw in all the random changes, games that far gone already.

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