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    After frustration with "lag compensation", I went and bought a copy of MW2...

      This will probably be my only post concerning Black Ops 2.  With all the discussion about the lag compensation and difficulties others are having I held off from sharing my thoughts.


      I love Black Ops 2, and hate the game at the same time.  The game is so polished, it's hard not to be impressed with the presentation and atmosphere you're subjected to.  While these things are awesome, the online play has been a mixed bag for me.  I have a Time Warner Road Runner turbo account and I can ping Cincinnati to Chicago @ 10ms.  I work 3rd shift so on my off-nights I get to play as most people are asleep so my "community bandwidth" is less taxing on my gaming.  I have top-notch equipment....commercial grade networking equipment through the house and CAT6 cable run throughout the walls.  I don't play wirelessly...my consoles are wired to my 24-port gigabit switch.  The NAT on my XBOX is "OPEN" and my networking hardware supports QoS and PNP.  My multiplayer preferences are set to "best" so I attempt to weed out the less desirable potential hosts so you would think I should have a "normal" online experience playing multiplayer games.  I do....except for Black Ops 2.  I battle the too frequent episodes of ADS'ing with the R870 and shooting someone in the chest from "arms length" and then facepalm in disbelief as the player either returns fire and I drop like a rag doll or they knife me.  I watch the killcam after being shot and many times a crosshair never made it to my body while the shooter ADS's and drops me by shooting my shadow....figuratively, but you get my meaning.  Of course I'll have good games here and there, but more frequently than it should, the two examples I just mentioned lead me to rage stupidity to the point where being tactical no longer is paying off so I start running & gunning my way to a terrible KD ratio.


      So why did I start this thread??  I've read post after post about other people's issues with BLOPS2.  A common observation I read was that many claimed another game...MW2 got it right in regards to online playing and the user experience.  I thought to myself..."seems like a easy test....go buy a copy of MW2 and test the online play."  Well I did....last night/this morning I started playing MW2 multiplayer and from my point of view, I have to say those who made the argument that MW2 had better online mechanics were spot on.  I've never played MW2 until now.  While the game lacks the polish that BLOPS2 has, I didn't have the feeling that my shots weren't registering.  Call it whatever you want to call it....I switched from MW2 to BLOPS2 and there was a difference.  My SCAR-H should never require 6 hit markers before downing a player, but it happens more often than it should.   I shouldn't get smoked by an opponent coming around the corner when we have the UAV, I know he's coming and I fire 1st (with the SCAR-H) and get 2 bullets connected before they fire a pistol and drop me..??


      So last night/this morning I played several games, often alternating between MW2 and BLOPS2.  I also switched between accounts and played several games, both alternating between MW2 & BLOPS2.  I kept coming to the same conclusion....MW2 doesn't look nearly as polished in regards to presentation, but it's online multiplayer gameplay is superior.  This is only one person's opinion, and nobody will be able to persuade me to feel differently.   I hope the developers take the user's experiences in account and hopefully improve the playability in BLOPS2.