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    horrible lag again and bad teams.


      Well it seems after the update lag has gotten worse and joining matches in progress is also very annoying...i really need to find a good team to play with because I dashboard a lot because of joining alone when there are 5 helicopters up and airstrikes everywhere...People are so bad at this game and it seems i always end up on their team! also ive noticed a lot more lag after the update...this game just keeps getting worse.

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          I rarely see any lag in this game.   Maybe its your internet connection

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            I feel sorry for you guys suffering from this lag issue. I've never had a problem, with any of the games unless I forget that I'm downloading something on my computer while I'm playing. I think a lot of it has to do with where you are on the continent. I'm in Canada and never have any issues, nobody else I know from Canada have any issues either, other than the fact that we're Canadians HaHaHaHa ! I have an extra room if you wanna hop the border and come play up here.

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                I am in Ontario, Canada and I get lag in maybe a third of the games I play.


                Like I am talking about seeing a guy and with unnatural swiftness he insta-kills me with something like the M27 (slow time-to-kill) yet the killcam shows him killing me at an average speed. I just look like a retard on his screen that just runs at him like I wanted to tackle him or something.


                And yes I know killcams aren't accurate but they do show that the enemy killed me fair and square and looks very plausible. However, it just doesn't mesh with what I saw before I died.

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                The lag, for me, has gotten much better.


                Tired of "bad teams", get a squad to play with. So tired of this argument.

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                  I've been having a weird day.  45-10 one match, 25-22 the next against the same opponents, same map.  Seems up and down all day.

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                    Everyone blames lag because lag doesn't fight back.

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                      inconsistency is probably because you are playing team games by yourself.  I have tons of video of myself and my usual team where we use the most ridiculous tactics and win every game.  For example, we sit in the engine room on hijacked, 2 of us are using an assault shield blocking the doors with trophy systems to eat explosives, all six of us hold a spot and win by a huge margin.  or we all run no weapons, use cold blooded and toss out a few bettys and hide in a dark corner human centipede style, our bettys get us about 4 or 5 kills and the other team spends 10 minutes unable to find us and lose the game with zero kills, and we win with 5. 


                      We do these things to make a point, that you are only as good as the team youre playing with and cooperation and strategy is key to winning.