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    Treyarch servers.....non-proffesional connection test on all cods.

      I could not find a thread on someone doing this, so if was is in progress I apologize. I went today and played 3 matches on all games from cod4 -BO2 and this is what I found.... Cod 4: 3 different lobbies, with only 2,000 total players and I 4 barred every one with no lag. WAW: 3 different lobbies, with 8,000 players and a fluctuated 3-4 bars with minimal lag. MW2: 3 lobbies, forgot to check amount of players, luckily no hacking and 4 bars, no lag. BO1: 3 lobbies,60,000 players, 3-4 bar fluctuation, lag with being behind almost every gunfight. MW3: 72,000 players, 4 bars, no lag and fair engagements. BO2: 600,000 players, constant 4 bar, bad lag and behind every single gunfight. Now the only thing that this tells me is that I do not hold connection with Treyarch servers at all for some reason as WAW, BO1, and BO2 were all laggy and IW connection was outstanding. I have no idea why or what causes this, however it is a fact in my situation. By the way my connection is 22 down 5 up with a 22 ping. If anyone has any advice or knowledge as to why the difference please let me know, and thanks in advance.