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    Looking for a GOOD clan

      I am looking for a good clan to play with. What do i mean by good clan? Good clan stats, good players overall, active payers, no boosters, glitchers, anything like that.  I play a lot of League Play. I Reset my stats when i hit Prestige Master because somebody dared me. If you want to see proof, check my youtube channel. kidisgood96. I have played since Call of Duty 4 and up.


      KD: 2.06 (Black Ops 2)

      SPM 572 (Black Ops 2)
      KD: 2.66 (MW3)
      KD: 2.92 (Black Ops 1)

      I compete in Game Battles/MLG
      I do infact prefer SPM over KD because SPM you have to play the objective and move around alot, not like KD when you can sit in a corner.

      I have done more than 80 Clan Ops so i know the 3 hour grind.

      If you do in fact want me, please either reply to me on here, message me on here, or message me on PSN: kidisgood96