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    Oh Mr Trey U sir, what have you done! :)

      You`ve resuscitated the beast



      All of a sudden my scores are that of mw3 and bo1 ! After months of turmoil and eating soil im now winning gunfights, winning 1v1s ive been losing for months., and dominating these fools Hell im even using assault rifles and topping lobbies with 10+ flag caps, and 30/40 kills a game. 4 games, scores of 56-6, 44-11, 33-9, 38-8, show what you have now unleashed onto the public - hell hath no fury like a wiimote user scorned


      Is this really what DA guys have had since the start? No wonder Nintendon`t never complains


      And thats with a 460 ping !!! Imagine the MLG id be with a decent ping


      In all seriousness though the game feels much better, much crisper, and is much nearer the finished product. Im now looking forward to getting to prestige master again.


      I just have 1 gripe - I cant quite get my controls right. I tried your pre-set controller setups - the first 3 are very slow for me, the best was advanced, I didnt try insane, no point. Anyways, advanced is pretty much spot on, BUT the up/down motion seems to drag, making taking down uav`s very hard, as it seems very slow and then low to look around in the sky. Maybe I just need to get used to it - ive tinkered with the vertical numbers but it barely changes, and I cant just figure out how to fix it.


      Can I just add, it feels more like a ccp now in movement, than a wiimote. Maybe ive tinkered a little too much, but I tip my hat you at treyarch, you`ve been very responsive, your answering questions and trying your best to fix this, and for that I gave you a great but thankyou


      The beast is coming people, be afraid .........................