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    WTF is going on?


      I'm normally the voice of reason and try to look at things from all sides, but here these past 2 days it has really gotten so bad that I am honestly about to say screw it and stop playing. First let me say that I am a HCTDM player 99.9% of the time so take that into account when addressing what is happening.


      The spawn system has gotten UNBEARABLE. It doesn't matter what map it is, or who I'm playing with I will die, SPAWN DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THE GUY WHO JUST KILLED ME, SPAWN AGAIN IN FRONT OF THE SAME GUY, SPAWN AGAIN AND DIE INSTANTLY. I have just literally been playing for about two hours and EVERY GAME is like this. One death will cause me to have 5. This is TOTALLY unacceptable. With one shot in HC you die, so there is NO possible chance for retaliation, or a magical health fairy like core.


      Also I will literally shoot a guy and get 4-5 hitmarkers with a M8A1, M27, or Type 25 and they will shoot me with one and I die. I just got off a map on Hijacked where I had TWELVE assists. TWELVE! A player should NEVER have 12 assists unless they are spamming concussions or flashs, and the ONLY tactical I use is Black Hat. I am literally at my wits end with this. I have been a COD faithful player since the ORIGINAL COD and have logged in over 10+ days played on COD1, COD2, COD3, over 20 days played on COD4, MW2, and W@W and over 35 days played on BO. MW3 was HORRIBLE at first, but late in the game they added HC face off and I played around 3-4 days of that. Right now I have over 6 days played on BO2 and it was a little shaky at the beginning, and after about 2 weeks it played GREAT for me. Then after the update right before the DLC released it has gone straight to a steaming pile of donkey doo-doo.


      This has not only been an issue for me, but the group of around 15-20 people I play with regularly as well. I don't know what they are messing with, or what they are tweaking but something needs to be fixed ASAP. I have always been a supporter of Treyarch's games and thought that Black Ops was the best in the series right after COD4. My ONLY complaint with BO was second chance in HC, but that is trivial compared to what is going on here.


      I would REALLY like to see a connection based test to where if a player in a lobby has a high ping to whomever the game chooses for host the game automatically boots them from the lobby. I don't care who's feelings it hurts, or if someone cries to the parents about it. The issues with sync have GOT TO BE FIXED! I know of too many players who will use their phones for a wi-fi connection, steal hotel internet, neighbors internet, or whatever to play. If you CANNOT maintain at least a 3 bar connection you should NOT be allowed to play online. If you constantly 1-2 bar it no matter who is host, SORRY about your luck, get a job and get better internet. All these players do is worsen the experience for all of us and make the game play like crap.


      I really hate to go off like this, but JESUS, whatever the coding they have used after BO they need to throw away and never look at it again. The spawn system should NEVER and I mean NEVER spawn a player in the sights of another player just to die again. With the size of the maps there is at least ONE SPOT where a player should be able to spawn without getting bullets pumped into his brain before he even gets to take a step.

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          WOW.  This is a long rant.  I don't know what to say, but how are they supposed to fix it?

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              I really don't have a problem with getting killed, it's part of the game. What I do have a problem with is the spawn, die, spawn, die, spawn, die, spawn, die, spawn, die and then the game thinks "OK, he's died 6 times in 8 seconds let's move his spawn point. I honestly would rather wait 10-15 seconds before spawning if I could spawn and at least be able to take 2 steps.

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              a video of this would really go a long way in figuring out whats going on.

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                Yeah noticed the spawn problem, had an incident on yemen where I respawned four times in front of the same guy <HCTDM> and it was tied to him as he was moving at the time and my respawn moved with him.

                its as if the spawn system was viewing the guy as a friendly instead of an enemy, there have been other instances, but that was the most extreme!

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                    I just went and tried to play some more. 3 more games, and the same exact spawn problem. It's like no matter what if I die, I respawn DIRECTLY in their line of sight again. Whatever they are using for spawn logic is failing. It is literally to the point where I am getting so mad that I am seeing red. I had to shut off my XBOX and walk away. I have NEVER rage quit out of any game but this is just to the point where I physically CANNOT play and be competitive when one death costs me 5.


                    I am thinking that the spawning is tied to the enemy that killed you and as they sprint/move about the map the "thinking" of the re-spawn timer is out of sync with the enemy. Say the game wants you to respawn at point "A" thinking that the enemy that just killed you in on a direct route there. Well the movement speed is almost 1.5 times faster than BO so by the time a player re-spawns the enemy is already past the "safe-zone" of the spawn logic, causing the player to spawn in front of th enemy. A REALLY bad map for this is Standoff. I cannot tell you how many times I have spawned in the middle of the street by the statue and tank in front of the red shutter house and gotten picked off by a sniper/shooter in the back barn area window. Also spawning at the blue house spawn and getting killed by an enemy at the hay bales staring into the spawn point.

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                    Yeah i know what you mean but it can also work the other way around i have so many revenge kills because of the respawning problem.

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                      the game has been effin terrible... practically unplayable for me...

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                        I'm wondering if there might not be some sort of glitch that people are exploiting. On Hijacked last night I had a problem with a guy that was camped in the control room cabin. We were going probably 50-50 in killing each other in the control room area, but every time he killed me, I would spawn under the forward heli-pad. Somehow this guy knew I was going to spawn there because he would immediately run to the window overlooking the bow of the ship and kill me as I emerged from under that heli-pad. It was very irritating, to say the least.


                        I stayed with the game even though I felt like the repitition was getting quite old. I wanted to figure out how he knew I was going to spawn there, but I just flat out saw no behavior between his team nor my team that would indicate a spawn trap had been created. Sometimes I would be the only person on my team spawning there, sometimes the whole team would spawn back there.


                        In fact, this seems to be an issue on both ends of the ship on Hijacked.


                        As far as other maps go, another thing I see that is consistent as to what the OP is describing is that if the team is full of players that scatter like roaches when the lights come on, the scatter brained team seems to keep spawning directly in front of opposing players.


                        Spawning seems to be a problem on certain maps for me. Like I said, Hijacked definitely has an issue. Express and Standoff seem to have problems, as well.


                        Personally, this fixed spawn system idea is a bad idea. It used to be that you would spawn near the longest living member of your team unless the team began dying too fast.

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                            The Hijacked spawns are easy to predict.

                            Its why teams will try to put a player on the balcony at both ends, if they can see the spawn you wont spawn there however what they do is kill you and break the line of sight to the spawn, bam you spawn there again.

                            Its even worse on CTF, there the spawns are constrained to your half of the map, if they hold oversight of both flag points you will respawn in one of two very small predermined areas.


                            This repeated spawning in front of the guy who kills you <even though he relocates> is something fairly new in my experience.

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                            Ok about that 3 bar thing, what if you are playing with friends that live in the West Coast and your in East Coast, well say if they get host(westcoast) then you will have 3 or 2 bars due to the distance it take to send data to them and back again. Sure your able to get 4 bars with people that live in your area or state. Also they need to improve on a lot of things. MW2 wasn't perfect when it came out and the same with the BOPs 1.


                            The only thing that would make an improvement is those servers they promise us back sometime ago with W@W or MW2 eh can't remember.


                            Also yeah the spawns need more improvement, if i see hijacked any i always back out I don't like that map due to the well what you have.

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                                I live in KY and I have a CONSTANT four bar in 99% of the matches I play. The ONLY times I don't have four bars are when I go into a match that has already started and then it's 3 bars. Even after that 1/2 match or so the host ALWAYS migrates to me and everyone minus a few will be rocking four bar connections. And just so you know I play with people in my party from Alaska, Canada, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Vegas, California, basically every state. My connection is strong enough to support players. I can host ground war lobbies and not have a SNGLE PLAYER with less than 3 bars.

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                                Guys guys!!!


                                I got it. It's a code!!


                                Read only the caps locked words and you will see the real meaning of his post... You clever guy you op..


                                "Unbearable every game totally hc no. Twelve twelve never. Only cod original cod. Bo2 great dlc , asap

                                Cod4 my only bo. Hc really got to be fixed..."



                                Hmm interesting do you think it's zombie related??