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        10. Re: The DA AA bashing needs to stop - NOW.

        OboTheHobo wrote:


        I don't understand this forum. Nowhere in the game do I hear anybody complaining about Aim Assist.

        Thats because the DA users don't even know they have it on. They think its their MLG proness.



        OboTheHobo wrote:

        The accuracy ratings for the average DA user are not above 20% as some claim. I'm a good player and my accuracy is about 17%. I have plenty of 2.5+ KD friends with 400+ SPMs with an average accuracy of about 18-19%.


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          11. Re: The DA AA bashing needs to stop - NOW.

          I agree with all of that.  BUT I kinda want the aiming through walls crap to stay a couple months so I can give these pro DA users a taste of their own medicine.  I won't complain if it goes aways sooner though.

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            12. Re: The DA AA bashing needs to stop - NOW.

            SMH we have motion controls, that's why we play Wii U. if u wanna play with ur thumbs, well buy the other consoles. problem solved

            and this: "

            It's a poor carpenter that blames his tools."  yeah u shoulda bought the other ones

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              13. Re: The DA AA bashing needs to stop - NOW.

              nintendon\'t wrote:


              1) I don't think the OP is crying about the Wiimote.

              2) He's making a point that the Wiimote has plenty of advantages.

              3) Wiimoters here love to act like defenseless victims all the time.

              1) Oh yes he is


              2) What advantages do I have? I'm just interested, so lets keep this civil, we don't need to get nasty about this.


              3) I certainly am not acting like a defenseless victim, I and several other people don't agree with the hobo. I know what I see and have been playing this game for a couple of months, I don't think i'm THAT stupid. Plus, there are a few people I play with who use DA/gamepad and they say its incredibly easy to use and get kills to the point where it gets boring..

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                14. Re: The DA AA bashing needs to stop - NOW.

                The Wii U's main controller is the Gamepad. It's the only controller that comes with the console to boot. You're dumb.

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                  15. Re: The DA AA bashing needs to stop - NOW.

                  By your logic, every single pro player on other consoles, every single YouTube player, and every single MLG/Gamebattles player is bad. Think, please.

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                    16. Re: The DA AA bashing needs to stop - NOW.

                    I'm saying that the whole discussion is silly. YOU guys made the Wiimote like it is now. THIS forum made it ridiculous. I played on Wiimote from W@W to MW3, and had a KD above 2.2 on every title. I know what I'm talking about. There are distinct advantages to using the Wiimote, so much so where I refuse to use it because it's too easy. Go around just hipfiring an SMG with the Wiimote (it's your usual strategy, anyway) and tell me how you do. Do the same with DA, then compare the scores. Stop being ignorant and learn how to comprehend text.

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                      17. Re: The DA AA bashing needs to stop - NOW.

                      Guys, can we not keep this discussion civil? Seriously? I know lots of Wii Moters seem like 6 year olds but now you're starting to sound like one too. Lots of DA users are quite good and I'm okay with getting killed with them. The problem is that there were some who were relying on aim assist and didn't learn to improve their game before the patch. After the patch the you can call the Wii Mote OP, but honestly we don't really need aim assist. The thing that is fixed is that the recoil on both is pretty much on par now, which is a lot fairer for us, and the reticle is a bit smaller. But that doesn't mean we can go hipfire all day. Honestly, the controls are pretty balanced now.

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                        18. Re: The DA AA bashing needs to stop - NOW.






                        Not every wiimoter runs around with smg's, I do in laggy matches, but thats not often, considering nearly every match is laggy.  Now, you make it sound like you just switched from wiimote to DA, is that right?

                        I would still like to know what advantages I have, and wht do you mean by we made the wiimote what it is. Because I keep saying its all still pretty fvcked up as far as i'm concerned. On friday I went back to MW3 and instantly got scores of 20+. That to me is how a wiimote works properly, but not in this game. And my main gripe isn't the DA v wiimote anyway, and maybe I should have made that clear in my last post, my bad, my gripe is the DA sniper BS. People keep saying they know people who use DA and sniper with low kdr's, but all I see in hctdm matches are snipers running and gunning, who can bump into you, turn faster and kill you instantly, running down the street and quick scoping or no scoping and killing you in 1 shot while i'm sprinting. Lots of other situations that if I could be bothered to type out would fill this whole thread. That BS needs to be nerfed. We still have insane amounts of recoil too. I know all this because people who can play both controllers tell me, they see a clear advantage, some take advantage of it and some get bored with it. Plus, I have an xbox, and if I could use the DA's, and I have tried, (wii being my first console ever) I would never have bought the wii u. So, I know from experience, the wiimote is NOTHING like, or ANYWHERE near as good as the other titles, and I know when a DA sniper gets a BS kill. Like I said, why do so many snipers run around with the rifle, and not the pistol, or use overkill? Its because for them its so easy to get a kill with the sniper in any situation, and they're as annoying as h3ll.

                        Also, you said in your post at the bottom of the page, the wii u's main controller is the gamepad, i'll say the wii's main controller was the wiimote, so whats your point? In BO1 the DA was also stupid for snipers, the knife lunge etc. Treyarch screwed it up in that game, just like they did in this. And all this after promising to remove quick scoping..

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                          19. Re: The DA AA bashing needs to stop - NOW.

                          Quit calling somebody dumb because of your ignorance.


                          The Wii U has many controllers, the game pad is the one that is included at purchase. The only reason I bought a Wii U is so I could play COD in high def, with my wii remote, I have 7 of them, and wouldn't doubt that most Wii U owners already have a Wii remote. I've not used the game pad once with this game, and I bought a Wii U Pro Controller on release day (so that came with the Wii U too), for friends and releatives that may visit, haven't used that one either.


                          I agree, if you want to use your thumbs to play this game, then the PS360 is what you need. W@W and MWreflex had a more level playing field as far as controllers are concerned. I already own a PS3 and 360, and could have save me $350 and just went and bought the game for one of those consoles, but those consoles don't have a Wi remote. There is a PS Move, but they refuse to add Wii style controls to the PS3 COD games.


                          I would like to see the 360 and Wii U lobby against each other, just to see what happens, take away aim assist from both.

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