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    DEVS please fix this ?

      Tower of babble richtofen.


      I did this today with my son on split screen ps3 + 2 other friends in a party. Firstly an hour into the game ready to do the EMP part of the Easter egg only to find my bank account was empty and my PAPed gun was missing from the fridge. I only assume this is because of the latest patch.


      Anyway to cut the story short, it became  a 3 hour game due to NO money and chasing the box for the EMP's. This is not a big deal as we still got the achievement eventually into high rounds with only two of us with EMPs doing the teleport double throw.


      This is where I am really disappointed, I got the trophy and my son did NOT get the trophy. He worked his butt of for 3 hours and got nothing. Please fix this.


      I don't care about the bank and fridge issues since the patch as we can top them back up, but the lack of trophy to my son is ordinary at best and quite frankly very disappointed. He was signed in under his user name, not as a guest.