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    Probation Workaround

      Please note, this will only work if you sign out of games for the reason I do.


      I do not feel that I should be forced to join matches late, but since I play solo I'm forced to do so often. I've discovered that if you sign out as soon as you can after you are forced to join a game late you'll be ok and won't receive a warning or probation. You need to do this in the pre-game launch screen with the progress bar at the bottom before you are actually put into the game. I did this numerous times today without running into any problems. I don't recommend joining matches late - most often you'll figure out right away why the lobby has emptied (for example...the scoreboard won't tell you if the game is lagging badly even if you're joining a winning team) and wish you hadn't.......and if you back out at that point you'll be setting yourself up for probation. It's always better to be patient and wait for a new match.


      If you get into the game but don't select a class you can still quit, but it seems you're better to do so by using the regular menu quit - if you sign out while actually in a game you'll receive the warning and subsequent probation quickly - it seems to let you get away with the regular menu quit a little longer.


      The concept of probation isn't an entirely bad idea, but I can't see how they can institute it when they still force you to join matches already in progress. If you're going to have the probation feature there should also be a feature to decline joining matches that are already in progress. Does Treyarch get probation for forcing us to join sh!t matches that are already lost too many times? I'm afraid not.


      Probation doesn't seem to be much of a deterrent, I'm still seeing plenty of host migrations / people dropping out of games etc. I don't think it's going to have the effect that Treyarch / Activision had hoped the way that it is now. If anything it could put people off the game that are already frustrated with the plethora of other issues plaguing this game.....this is not going to help them drive sales of the DLC new guns or not.

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          The only deterrent that it will be, is A deterrent against wanting to continue trying to fight through the problems and hope for fixes.

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            They could have simply implemented a feature where you could disable joining sessions already in progress. I don't mind waiting in a lobby for a minute before a game starts. I'd rather do that than join sessions in progress only to find that the team is doing horrible and that only two people are going against six others.


            People may sign out, yes, but I personally don't see how anyone could go through the constant process of signing out of their accounts over and over again. If I come into a session in progress where the team is losing, I'll quit and try again. But if that doesn't do, I give it my all and try the hardest I can to stay in that lobby for as long as I can before moving on. Just because you joined a losing team does not mean you'll be losing for the next 5-10 games in a row, especially if you're a good player.


            Lastly, an easy fix for the issue is creating a full party of your own. You're guarenteed a fresh lobby, rather than sessions in progress. I love doing this with friends. It certainly helps me out a lot.

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                The problem with adding that feature is what if your in a room that just starts 6v6 and your by yourself and the other 5 are in a party, well they back out to pick someone up and now your left 6 on 1. No one would join becuase lets face it if they gave you an option to avoid joining games already in progress no onw would join. That's what they are trying to avoid. I have back out of many matches to pick people up and never been placed on probation. I don't know how the probation works, if it only warns you when you dashboard to save stats or if you get the warning just by backing out. Like I said I do it a lot and have never been givin a warning or probation or anything.

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                Probation was the last move, I won't pay for DLC...

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                  I understand joining late can be really annoying and bad.  But why do people not see that if they do NOT let people join late your stuck with the same issues they have in league play?


                  You'll just end up playing 6v1 and getting owned or

                  You'll be on a roll and eventually there is only 1 or no guys left to shoot.


                  Either way you feel robbed

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                      yeah people do not think.


                      If there was an option to nevwer join games in progress, no games would ever finish.


                      People need to be careful what they ask for.

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                          I think there should be a "mercy" rule to correct the result of this if they were to add in the option to never join games in progress.  To me, if the game is out of control and the other team has minimal players after people leave, end it with a mercy rule similar to "enemies forfeiting...."  I hate joining games late as it is 99% of the time a game you cannot win.  What's the point.  It should be mercy killed and let people join a new lobby/start of game.


                          I agree there should be an additional "never join game" option.  They just need to tweak the game play rules to allow for the eventual people getting left in lopsided games.  Just end them.  What will in fact happen is a continual flood of players join game, leave game, join game, leave game, join game, leave game.  A carousel of no fun.  It should just end.

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                          I agree.  Folks that don't want to join late need to learn to finish that game that they joined late and then they can stay in the lobby and start the next game and the next several games after that if they don't lobby hop all the time.  I play solo a lot too and I know that if I'm searching for a game the odds are that I will be joining it late.  This is to be expected and is not a problem for me.

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                          After the crap I went through today, I'm putting myself on a two-week probation.

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                            That's why probation doesn't work, because you get put into losing games and they can't give you an option to join games in progress, dafuq was treyarch thinking? Just let people sign out, it works fine, you don't see nobody ******** about signing out, so why force people to not be able to even back out a game? Probation is just as bad and unbalanced as an option that allows to choose whether or not you can join games in progress.

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                              OP, nice post. Totally agree. I can't stand playing two or three games in a row, so taking a beating every time I join and getting probation is making the game unplayable for me, personally.

                              The xbox community got hyped into buying that bad DLC. I won't pay another cent on this game.

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                                I quit many games, and also dashboard many games. I have never recieved any probabtion warning. If I hadn't read it here, I wouldn't even know PS3 had probation.

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                                  I have never during my years of playing ever found a reason to quit a game. I think they should enforce it at least to the point where if you played for 30 seconds or more you must finish what you started.

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                                    Im ok with probation for those that constantly quit. But they need to fix how it works. i never quit but i have been put on probation twice in the last 2 days because others have quit and the lobby is lost. there is a way to program the feature to only kick in when someone has actually left the game or kicked for too many team kills. the team kills im a bit on the fence with because that happens by accident someone runs in front of you when your shooting ect.... what they should do is add to the report feature for team killers and deal with it that way. Its not fair that others have to endure probation because someone else quits or any connection is loss.