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    Why cod will live on imo

      I hate this game,the last three iterations have decreased. Black ops 2 for me( if you have a good experience I'm happy for you) I can not play this game anymore, I given the last patch a chance but this game is broken for me. I knew this,but tried to ignored it,but my girlfriend of 6 years said why do you play this game when you hate it? When you play the batman game (arkaham city) or the treasure game(uncharted 123) your happy(her words) Made me realise I've gotta give up. That aside, my prediction is the next game will come out on Xbox and ps3 and will suck, it will also come out on the ps4 and xbox720 (or whatever they will be called) and the graphics will distract from the shitty connection problems, people will put this down to being a new console, people on the older consoles will upgrade in the hopes that it will be better. The Next game will be amazing and have even better graphics, but due to connection will be complained about because cod will never have dedicated serevers due to the costs of it bring so popular. The next game will sell just aswell because of hope. So I guess at least 3 more years(at least) of cod just because we hope and have love for this game. I'm sure devs  want and do the best for this game , why?wouldn't they? But it seems as tho its out of there control, this game for me is like a Porsche with out an engine wtf is the point. Just want to point out this is my opinion, If you love the game all the more power to you.I'm swapping this game towards the new aliens game

      then gta. Shame I love cod, but also my sanity. What are your opinions on the the future of cod? im not saying mine are right just a prediction.

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          I feel you on where you're at with this game. COD will live on forever BUT it will decline from now forward in sales. I read where the sales peak was in Black Ops and went down for MW3 and down again for BO2.

          It's a stressful game that has a lot of real headaches and many of us are just getting beaten down by it.

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            Many games live on... doesn't mean I play them.

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              COD will live on primarily for two reasons..


              1. It's followers: as with any company and its product line, there are those people who only see in one dimension and focus on the nostalgia of the item. The followers, whether knowingly or not, see the product as the best there is. With every release they get that itch, that feeling of 'this may be the best game' ever created. This gets other gamers and new players curious. The COD following just gets bigger and bigger. The process snowballs eating up more mass and creating a gigantic enormity. Compare it.. Apple has followers who only buy apple products and shun the rest. Followers can't stand other devices and go to great lengths to defend their decision of choosing apple. Even when their iPhone is behind in technology, the iSheep as people call them will pour their money into the company. I'm going to stop there with the apple comparison before people begin responding to that part and forgetting my actual reply.


              2. New players: with every year there is a new generation of players. When COD blew up with modern warfare (COD4), it was more of a mature crowd. You can hear older players talking in those lobbies. Fast forward years later and the lobbies are filled with young kids even kids less than 10 years old. Doesn't matter if the box says for Mature, 17+ parents will buy their kids the new trend. And yes, COD is always the trend for the holidays from November to December.


              COD will live on and there's no one stopping it. The only way I see this empire falling is if it crumbles from within.

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                I don't know if COD is dying (couldn't be bothered looking at any sales figures) but as just a subjective judgement COD seems to be dying a slow death or at the very least there is a generational change as many older COD players are starting to give up on the franchise. Many of my friends including the person who introduced me to the COD series either gave up in MW3 or are started to give up now and I'm seriously considering whether or not I'll buy another COD

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                  Like Final Fantasy in the RPG genre Call of Duty will live on in the FPS genre as long as money is pumped into the franchise by customers. This is as true as every new cod is the worst one according to this forum.

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                    The only reason I buy each new installment, is the hope that they fixed the issues from the previous game.  MW2 was the pinnacle, each has gotten progressively worse to me.  BO was pretty good, MW3 was bad, BO2 showed some promise, but lately has dissapointed again.  This could be my last rodeo. But I said that last time too...


                    Who am I kidding.  I'm sure I'll be in line at midnight freezing my butt off and taking the next day off from work.

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                      I have 4 days played. I'm pretty much a good gauge for the failing that CoD is undertaking. I spend more time watching t.v. and movies. I don't even like t.v., never really have not even as a kid. I was always buried in games. Starting with Atari, I think the only console I've never had was the 1st Xbox. I've had every CoD since Finest Hour on PS.


                      I don't give a damn about additives and trying to reinvent the game when all it is, is basically trying to manipulate the consumer into thinking they've fixed problems. When in all actuality they've destroyed the online aging by making a "twitch" shooter nothing but TWITCHY gaming. Possibly causing epilepsy, and some other issues by having this hitchy, stuttering crap.

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                        Who knows when it will die. hell, people still buy Madden every year.

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                          The main problem with it is that they're just pumping these things out like they're sports games.  If they gave the developers time to, I dunno, DEVELOP it, I'm sure the game would be fine.  hell, this game didn't even look like it had finished beta testing when it got released.  Whatever noble cause the devs are doing to put out the best product, it's still a business, and missing deadlines means decreased revenue, whether the game's ready or not