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        50. Re: Black Ops 2 biggest problem is not Lag, its the Rage Quiters

        I agree 100% with the quitters on this one - it sucks, but due to the shoddy game design, there are several good reasons to bail from a match.  If I unload a full clip into someone's back, then watch them turn and kill me while I reload - I quit.  If someone starts stringing point streaks together - I quit.  If the host is on a slow/high latency connection so there is huge lag - I quit.  Unless they decide to fix the horrifically broken latency compensation, OP point streaks and point streaks counting toward the next point streak, and matchmaking, then multiple "host migrations" per game will remain common.  Oh yeah, I forgot about hackers - if there are clearly hackers in the group - I quit.  Without dedicated servers it's impossible to do much about hacking, so this is yet another good reason to quit a game.

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          51. Re: Black Ops 2 biggest problem is not Lag, its the Rage Quiters

          I just got put in a game of demo where there was dogs followed by swarm followed by this that and the other. All because people can't handle fighting their way out the spawn so they quit. The spawn was infested but with a bit of work, it was cleared. People need to either play a different game mode or learn to fight their way out of their spawn. It's through a lack of skill people are able to get to the spawn anyway. Don't camp and you'll be able to hold a line at the objective. Every game I play I now expect host migration and I have that horrible feeling of crap it's going to lag out every time I see it. Not got when you're 50 points of a streak or got streaks stacked. I use quite high scorestreaks and save them for appropriate moments.

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            52. Re: Black Ops 2 biggest problem is not Lag, its the Rage Quiters

            Azrael513 wrote:


            Why can't they bring back Mercenery TDM?

            I agree, it was my most played gamemode in MW2, now we stuck this this lame Moshpit Crap.

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              53. Re: Black Ops 2 biggest problem is not Lag, its the Rage Quiters

              Run_N_Gunning_Camper wrote:


              They should have the option to make the stats private. 3Arch also needs to stop trying too hard to push BO2 as an eSport game. 


              Anything to reduce the rage quitting would be great. Playlists unaffecting stats would be my preferable option as players would care less about how they do and just play for fun. (in public lobbies)


              I don't mind the eSport agenda. To me, it's encouraging players to try to win and to experience some competitive play. I enjoy close matches. It's a good feeling when a match is down to the wire and you win by say one kill or a point in Domination.


              However, I'm sure there are players who just want to run around with knives & tomahawks, snipe or use bad weapons in which isn't suitable in a eSport environment. This is why I would suggest a playlist that you can still fully rank up in, your stats don't get affected and it's just for the popular game modes (No Demo, CTF, HQ etc).

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                54. Re: Black Ops 2 biggest problem is not Lag, its the Rage Quiters

                OP, it's your fault for staying.

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                  55. Re: Black Ops 2 biggest problem is not Lag, its the Rage Quiters

                  aiming at the spawn point is spawn killing....spawn TRAPPING is watching each pathway the other team has to run when leaving their spawn area. that's what i meant.

                  You are right that good players can escape the spawn but most are not good enough which is why they rage quit.

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                    56. Re: Black Ops 2 biggest problem is not Lag, its the Rage Quiters

                    I get host quite a lot because I have a good connection and that causes me to have no chance of playing a fair game.


                    All of your points are exactly why I quit and if I set aside an hour of my free time to play some games I often spend most of that hour just quitting and re-joining to no avail.


                    I always thought it would be solved by giving us the choice of what server we joined based on location and our ping to the server but that would require dedicated servers. The game is so full of idiots and squeakers because it is so simple to join. I'd happily spend a few minutes filtering down specific servers if I knew I was going to get a good game and I wouldn't rage quit if I knew I chose to be on the server.


                    To be honest though I love it when I rage quit then I see 'migrating hosts' on the screen. Then I know I've annoyed everyone and also know my game was so bad because I was host!

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                      57. Re: Black Ops 2 biggest problem is not Lag, its the Rage Quiters

                      As a forever alone random, I agree.


                      Here are my keys to whether to stay or exit game:


                      1. Look at the Lobby Leaderboard During the Lobby Countdown
                        1. If I'm on the bottom, immediately leave.  This match will be very frustrating and I'll wind up exiting the game after going 0-10 anyway...
                        2. If I'm in the #1 or 2 slot, by all means stay.  I'm a below average player so if this is a lobby of people worse than me, I'm staying and will run around like an idiot.  (Actually if I am in the #1 slot, I figure that there must be something wrong with everyone else's calculations ).
                        3. If I'm in the middle (which is usual), I'll look at the spread between myself and the lobby leaders.  I'll almost always stay unless the top couple people have 2-3 times my SPM and a heck of a lot of kills in that game mode.
                      2. Look at the Score Ranking from the Previous Match
                        1. Do the top 3 or 4 show that they are in a party with the same clan tag?  If so, then I wait until the final countdown to see if I've been assigned to their team for this match.  If not, I'm leaving for the same reason as 1.1 above.
                      3. When Added to a Game Already in Progress
                        1. Check out the score BEFORE selecting a class.  The BACK button is your friend.  If you join a Domination match on a team losing 0 - 170 you're going to have a bad time.  Just don't select a class and have the server time you out.  Get a drink, walk the dog, whatever...
                        2. If I join a fairly close game and there are dogs, a swarm, or I'm killed 5 times within my first 30 seconds of gameplay then I'm leaving.  Not fun, even if the killstreaks are from a care package.
                        3. I don't automatically press the button to respawn as soon as I'm killed.  I've been killed too many times by what feels like the same lightning strike, carpet bomb, AC-130 shell because I was too intent on getting right back into the action.  Watch that killcam in core mode.  You can learn how you died, where the enemy was, and can then adjust your class to take out the enemy player.
                        4. If the other team are 360 quickscoping then I'll stay.  After all, their bedtime is probably in a few minutes anyway...


                      The bottom line is that you have to play smart.  Especially when you don't have the natural talent and are being outclassed by much better players.

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                        58. Re: Black Ops 2 biggest problem is not Lag, its the Rage Quiters

                        People quit because of the lag, simples!

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                          59. Re: Black Ops 2 biggest problem is not Lag, its the Rage Quiters

                          Yes but i don't want to leave every second match.

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