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        30. Re: Why is DLC so Expensive Now?!

        Thats not fairrrr? U having these problems too??

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          31. Re: Why is DLC so Expensive Now?!

          Yea it is

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            32. Re: Why is DLC so Expensive Now?!

            Bloated-Monkey wrote:


            Aha! You serious?


            It's a common fact that CoD has been developed using the same old, engine and software since CoD4.



            I wasn't speaking about the engine, I was speaking about infrastructure hardware and software.  Our software is running on the same platform it has been for years as well, that doesn't mean we aren't constantly investing in new hardware and developement tools.  Sorry if I didn't make that clear.


            Bloated-Monkey wrote:


            Plus it's owned by Activi$ion, a giant MNC, not some tiny dev studio that struggles to pay it's staff salaries.



            The bigger the company, the more it costs to run.  Their operating expenses and overhead are a lot bigger than some tiny dev studio.


            Bloated-Monkey wrote:


            No, the reason as others have stated, is that people keep buying it because it's such a huge franchise. The technical term is it has a Positive Price Elasticity of Demand.

            People always joke that all these kids would buy a polished turd if it had the words "Call of Duty" and "IGN 9.5/10" on it. That's an exaggerated example but the concept is the same.


            LOL... someone took an economics class.


            As far as I can see when I'm perusing the gaming section at the store, their games are priced pretty much the same as all the other quality games on the shelf.  Oh sure, I have seen some cheap games in the $29.00 range and I've played some of those as well.  They are no where near what you get with games like Call of Duty or Halo for example.  You have to compare Apples to Apples.


            Perhaps you were only referencing the additional cost for the map packs but it didn't read like that to me.  If so, my bad; I'm relatively new to gaming so I'm not aware of what others are charging for their Season Pass offering.  If Activision is charging a lot more then I'd have to compare the content of each before making a judgement.

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              33. Re: Why is DLC so Expensive Now?!

              Wait.. How Much the new Dlc maps cost? And season pass?

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                34. Re: Why is DLC so Expensive Now?!

                The Battlefield 3 Season Pass gets you:


                5 brand new expansions over the course of a year.

                4 mental maps with each one,

                Dozens of new vehicles

                Dozens of new game-modes

                20+ new weapons, new assignments and new camos


                Pardon me for sounding like an advertisement, but the fact is, this costed less than the Blops2 season pass (with a much greater saving than individual purchase too) and for it you practically got an entire extra game, and then some.

                I mean just look at this trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDJdE88OX-0

                That's just 1 of the DLC packs, but it's like a whole game in itself.


                I don't mean to come across as a BF3 fanboy, or impose any snobby "this game I play is superior" attitude. But in my and many others eyes, CoD content has stayed the same or got worse, yet the price for it has doubled. That's what this thread is about and that's why this will be my final CoD.


                I don't deny others have different opinions though, I can't stress that enough...



                Oh and Business Studies actually

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                  35. Re: Why is DLC so Expensive Now?!

                  I believe each DLC is around £13/14? And the season pass is around £45

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                    36. Re: Why is DLC so Expensive Now?!

                    Gulfcoast, you GOTTA pick up W@W and blak ops I actually enjoy playing this one, BUT there is nothing like the first maps and really a peak in story line in BO.

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                      37. Re: Why is DLC so Expensive Now?!

                      Black Ops*

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                        38. Re: Why is DLC so Expensive Now?!

                        *insert alien guy meme*



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                          39. Re: Why is DLC so Expensive Now?!

                          Let's be honest, inflation is the reason for why we see the price of not just DLC go up, but games as well. I mean, I remember when games were 39.99 and now they're 59.99; and now, you almost never see any game that doesn't have some sort of DLC or something you can purchase from the online stores. So, for most people, games cost more than the original price tag. So, inflation dude, it's real.

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