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    Submachine gun kills v

      For some reason the peacekeeper does not count toward this.  Is this a known issue?   I do not use smgs to much but just decided to try to unlock this Calling card

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          Re: Submachine gun kills v

          I noticed the same thing. I tweeted Dan (@OneOfSwords) and he replied back with "Probably because it's additional content and not part of the core game - it's a bonus weapon".


          He did not say anything about them fixing it or adding it. Like you, I was hoping to complete the "SMG Kills" challenge because I enjoy using the Peacekeeper.


          I will update if I hear anything else, I also tweeted the same question to Treyarch, Call of Duty, and David Vonderharr.

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            Re: Submachine gun kills v



            I updated my post in the Technical Support forum but thought I would update here as well:

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