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    Other call of dutys on wii u?

      Has any one played the other cods on a wii u?


      Does the wii u clock down to the same speed as a wii or do they run better than on a wii?

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          I haven't tryed it with BO and MWR, and about MW3 the previous game, I smashed it with my hammer then put it in my toaster and threw my toaster out , lets just say it is no longer with me.

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            I play Black Ops 2 on Wii U. It is a great game that keeps me on for a couple hours until I get tired. Flip flopping in between mode is easy and games load quick, could be quicker if more people pick it up. Compared to the other two consoles, it is easily superior. I play single player on gamepad and only turn tv on when a friend wants to join. They use pro controller while I'm local on pad. Performance is excellent. Graphics are great. Still a few tweaks they have to fix. The game received two updates recently that proved its not the systems fault for gliches. The updates also suggested it has DLC on the way but evidence is now gone. Try it out. Find a friend with one. The systems power hasn't been pushed to its limit so it could get better. two local pads? Would be cool.