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    C4 getting no hit markers

      anybody else having problesm with this? i constantly throw C4 onto points, around corners and blow it up on somebodys face, while they are standing on it...yet sometimes still get zero hit markers. no, not kills, i notice when i hit people with flak jacket. even when i get killed by somebody who i just threw C4 at ill watch the kill came, watch teh C4 blow up in their face and they get no red screen at all


      this happens to me at least 5 times a night playing dom or HQ. id really like an explantaion from treyarc on this one, if they claim their game is fine and doesnt lag, explain this. if it is some sort of lag, then why even let us double tap x to blow up C4?


      not sure if its lag or the fact that it just doesnt register....no ******* clue. i am not the only one experiencing this either, friends who also use C4 have the same problem