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    WTF!! My PS3 is constantly Freezing now Every Few games from Black ops 2!!!!

      For this entire week my system has been freezing at the screen just after a match or before a match where it will show an IP at the top Right corner!


      Its getting to be real BS and im tired of it crashing my system.!!!! It cant be good for my PS3


      I can hear people talking for a bit but all i see is a black screen then it will crap out am im back to hard booting my system


      Is anyone else dealing with this issue??  when will it be fixed... and do the supply me with a new ps3 when mine craps out because of the constant manual shut down I have to do...  come on guys what the hell is up with this non stop aggravation... the game gives us enough of it we dont needed the added bs of faulty online systems crashing us all the time... when will I see a fix??? ever since the last update I have had this issue!


      Please tell me soon


      Thank you


      PS already 4 time this morning it has frozen...  im ready to smash it into a million bits and scatter at the front door of their head office!!! lol