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        30. Re: Black Ops 2 biggest problem is not Lag, its the Rage Quiters

        Are we acknowledging the difference between backing out of a game and rage quitting. My definition of a rage quitter is a host who dashboards, shuts down his console, or pulls their lan cable which does not allow the game to switch to a new host. These people are the toilet scum of the COD gaming community. Now hosts that back out because they are obviously disadvantaged and unable to help their team; they are only doing what they should.


        How can we prevent it? The only thing that can be done is to figure out exactly what about the net code puts the majority of hosts at a disadvantge. In the not so recent past whomever was the host held a considerable advantage. Something was done to mitigate that with the thought that its better for one persone to have a horrible experience then for that same person to enjoy an edge and make 6 other peoples experience miserable. Unfortunatetly the folks they disadvantaged are essential to console gaming where dedicated servers are not employed. Not that dedicated servers are a cure all either.


        What I would like to see is for the connection bars to go away and for an actual ping to host be shown. This way I can adjust my gameplay to match the expected latency. Right now the bars are to arbitrary to give an accurate representation.

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          31. Re: Black Ops 2 biggest problem is not Lag, its the Rage Quiters

          lag assisst pro is its pet name in our house or lag **** which is less pleasant but often an accurate description.  i rage quit all the time, as soon as i know i'm a second or 2 behind the other team i drop out.  i don't play this game to be someone elses bullet spunge


          i play to have fun and emptying whole clips with hit markers or loosing fire fights where the kill cam shows i never even fired is not fun its simply an actual waste of my time. 


          not been on since dlc but i recon i might go wreck some shizzle in mw3 tonight, can't stick this bo2 lag disaster, mw3 got their lag comp sorted hence why i can play it, if 3arc ever bother i may come back an start tea bagging you fools lol

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            32. Re: Black Ops 2 biggest problem is not Lag, its the Rage Quiters

            Here's the problem and its been touched on in above posts. All the little stat whores have been created with the social media involved in this game. They've always been there, but now they all think they can become YouTube stars.1. Player joins game, realizes he's a half second behind everyone, and leaves the game. Host migrates, rinse and repeat. 2. Player joins game, in search of the perfect lobby so they can be ahead of everyone, puts up big numbers so they can post on YouTube and try to be a star. The minute they die, they leave. 3. After launch, less skilled players were at an advantage, put up numbers that they should have never gotten, think they are better than what they are. Now they are slowly losing that advantage because of updates and tweaks, and they just can't stand it. These are just a few reasons, some legit, some not. I found myself in a game last night, core team death match, lost the game 75 to 74, I kept 6 players on my team the whole game, and I went 42 and 6 and still lost. First time I ever wished ppl would quit, lol. The thing is, the game is still broken, even though I think they're slowly fixing things, and as long as it doesn't work right, ppl will continue to quit, myself included. And I didn't even mention the little turd who join objective games and play death match. Moral of this rant, the lag and broken code are the main reason for the quitting.

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              33. Re: Black Ops 2 biggest problem is not Lag, its the Rage Quiters

              What they need to do is just take out or reverse whatever tweeks/changes they made to the code post MW2.


              It's as simple as that. Well... if it was as simple, the truth is it probabily isn't.. but I wish it was. I had no probs with MW2 or cod4. 

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                34. Re: Black Ops 2 biggest problem is not Lag, its the Rage Quiters

                I sometimes lose connection to the host mid-game for no good reason. Maybe they're suffering the same thing?

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                  35. Re: Black Ops 2 biggest problem is not Lag, its the Rage Quiters

                  HAHA My stats are better than yours! Get on my level, son.


                  They should have the option to make the stats private. 3Arch also needs to stop trying too hard to push BO2 as an eSport game. 

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                    36. Re: Black Ops 2 biggest problem is not Lag, its the Rage Quiters

                    That is something different. I've played the game for 7 days playtime now and i see the pattern behind the ragequits. Its 1.) people can't handle the competition 2.) the connection sucks so they lobby surf till they find a better lobby (i can't blame them to be honest) and 3.) a pure team of randoms stands no chance vs a clan or party, partys are always on the top after each match.

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                      37. Re: Black Ops 2 biggest problem is not Lag, its the Rage Quiters

                      Everything that reduceds the ragequits would be good in my opinion.

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                        38. Re: Black Ops 2 biggest problem is not Lag, its the Rage Quiters

                        That is why I hate playing against a party specially when they're on the prowl to pubstomp.
                        I play solo and I think a full party is a crutch. 

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                          39. Re: Black Ops 2 biggest problem is not Lag, its the Rage Quiters

                          Shame I don't give a toss about being "scum" lol when in my mind, the scum of CoD are those that demand hosts stay in game, suffer all 12 connections piling through their modem and thus suffer lag compensation (or to give it it's accurate title rewind time lag compensation)


                          I'll dashboard every game that I'm hosting should I die constantly due to lag, why should I have those stats recorded on my account when there's nothing I can do because everyone else is 1/2 a second to a second in front.. My reason for dashboarding is the same reason you call dashboarders "scum" because no thought whatsoever is given to how bad host lag is, or how bad the host is suffering, so screw everyone else in the lobby, who's having a good game, earning countless score streaks etc...And it's not stats related, it's in protest against Treyarch. I'll take the 5 minute probation every time thanks!


                          **For the record too, Probation is Treyarchs cop out way of not having to do anything about their shockingly poor lag comp coding, and also it's an admittance that they know there is a problem they can't fix.. Penalise people for leaving games which have bad connection - instead of trying to fix the problem. Treyarch Livestreamed on twitch tv yesterday, I watched all 3 hours of them playing BO2 - they took questions from the public, do you think they answered any of the questions about lag, lag comp or hit detection.... Have a guess.


                          That said. I have been in games (albeit rarely) where i'm host and actually, the game has run fine (probably because the players in the lobby where all based in the England)


                          Here's another thing i've noticed. I dashboarded a fair bit in MW3 - not regularly, but a bit... In Black Ops 2 I'm dashboarding a hell of a lot more - the reason, I'm host and half the lobby are based in Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands - JAPAN ffs. So I have no desire to be **** on in that game, nor should that lobby even stay open in my opinion in protest at Treyarchs appalling matchmaking system.


                          And with all this said, I actually dislike dashboarding - because of course, it's taking me longer to rank up, and longer to get weapons gold/diamond - but my one man crusade against the frankly abismal and retarded effort put into treyarch's lag compensation and hit detection coding overides ranking up. Sucks, but meh whatever.


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