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    Favortie Revoultion DLC Map?

      List ur fav maps from 1 to 4.

      1-Downhill- I really like this map i seem to do the best on this map and its fun having a chaotic firefight while avoding gondolas

      2-Grind- Another great map, i think its kinda tough to get killstreaks but still a fun crazy map

      3-Hydro- I like this map cuz it seems well balanced, i find it funny when people think water died down but they still die in it haha

      4-Mirgae- the only map that i kinda dont like, just a weird map i dont like the feel of it.

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          Re: Favortie Revoultion DLC Map?

          1.) Downhill - Great map. Good for all playstyles. Some tight spots and some open. Riding the gonolas and sniping inide them would've been awesome


          2.) Grind - Small, chaotic love it. Still trying to get a awesome RC-XD trick.


          3.) Hydro - Love that you can flank from underneath like Highjacked but bigger. Love the water Killing people feature. Fun when people are like "WTF just happened!"


          4.) Mirage - Open. Great B flag position. Like the feel.

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            Re: Favortie Revoultion DLC Map?

            Here are my favorite Revolution Maps in order and my observation. I play nothing but Core TDM.


            1. Downhill- People are scared to rush the gondola station at the start of the match. It's the best map of the bunch. 

            2. Grind- Your team needs to control the indoor skate area and fend off the flankers. Most of my random team mates don't get the concent and always push and flip the spawns.

            3. Mirage- Just control the middle where the statue is. My team of randoms don't get this in TDM and runs on different directions.

            4. Hydro- My least favorite map. I can just camp on one of those rooms near our spawn, the one overlooking the water flow and call it a day.

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