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        Hell I carry 2.60 k/d with a 3.0+ w/l and in the highest division in league play(You can look me up, Pooklove I'm not bragging but I'm not lying either), but it will never pay my bills, help me aquire my bachelor's degree and doesn't score any extra points with my girlfriend.(trust me.) It's a game. I just want to play other players who go after the objective, who are super quick, and generally stomp my @ss in.(I've met them, loosing can be fun, I like having a rival) That's why I like league personally. I'll be honest they(the 'good' players) know this, and will even admit it! They don't care that it wont impress the ladies, land them a good job or anything of that, they just like to compete. As nerdy as it sounds, there are a couple of players I can't wait to play against this season in league. Though last couple times we've played they ended up winning. But this is a new season so I can't wait. =)

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          But in public, the stigmas attached to stats are ridiculous.

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            gdexter wrote:


            Notice that none of those YouTubers post here??


            How do you know for sure?

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              lol I remember one of my first few games on MW2 (BO1 was my first COD so I was playing MW2 for a break from MW3) and oh Buddha did someone have a pop at everyone in the lobby seeing the scores because everyone (except me) were highest prestige for having bad scores.  I left in case he wanted to bring me into it since I finished top of the leaderboard by a fair whack.

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                i do think it is sad how some of the worst aspects of the franchise get glorified.  cheating, QS, trolling in general, basically hard core douche bagging seems to have become cool and gets subs on you tube.


                all i actually care about is having a fun match without having to resort to tea bagging some one because they keep hurling abuse at people or cheating or any number of things that are just rude or annoying.


                it amazed me when i first investigated the hacks for this franchise, people were bragging that hacked mw3 then bo2 inside of 45 minutes of launch


                then when i realised these sad tools actually pay money to use the auto aims and auto shoot auto prone, basically auto everything i was dumbstruck.  whats the point of playing if you do nothing but move the character while a hack does the rest??????

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                  Oh I know, that's why I don't understand them... You'd think that they'd get bored, right?

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                    Look at all mainstream gaming communitys, they all have pricks

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                      Spot on dude...

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                        As much as that is true, i've never really seen Halo YT'ers get into drama.


                        Maybe there is drama, I don't watch Halo videos like I use to so i'm not sure, but in CoD it's every where.


                        I know BF can be pretty crazy, not hating on them (I like the BF games.) but community wise, they could possibly be worst lol.

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                          It's not just bo2 it's xbox live in general. I pay £35 a year to get cursed at have music blasted down my headset and have people exploit the games and ruin it. But sometimes its fun and you meet other ''normal'' people but it is quite rare.