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    I want everything unlocked now!

      I'm so sick of playing with people that have done the Prestige Glitch... It is not fair that I have Prestige over and over just to unlock everything that any random person can cheat for in minutes while I play for days. And thanks to this stipid glitch, Diamond Camo means NOTHING now! When I got Diamond camo on my specials (before the glitch was discovered) it was awesome and something to be proud of, but now look at all the noobs running around with Diamond guns like nothing. It really pisses me off, and more so that Treyarch has not done s*** about it.


      I don't want to be a cheater like everyone else, but I want everything unlocked, and I also don't want the now shameful title of Prestige Master. So Treyarch, how bout you do me a favor and unlock everything because being Prestige 8 I think I've earned it, unlike half the PS3 community who think it's OK to cheat because there is NO punishment.


      I'm so dissapointed.