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    Domination: Trip Cap

      This is the challenge to keep all 3 flags for 3 mins.  Couple questions.


      Do the 3 mins have to be consecutive?


      Any idea around what the score should be at the end of the game if you do this?  I've won game 200 to 70 and we did not get the trip cap and felt like we had all 3 for entire 2nd round.


      Do you think this is possible to do as a lone wolf or do I have start making friends to get this?


      This is the only domination challenge I have left for domination and am wondering if it is worth goin for. Is this challenge as hard as it seems or does it eventually happen?

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          i got this pretty early on after the game was released, it is actualy hard to do it with both teams full of 6 players, i got it when basicly 5 people on the enemy team left so that last person couldn't capture anything and yeah those 3 mins have to be consecutive, and as for your 200-70 win in domination since it was in the 2nd round and you won by score not by the time running out the round wouldn't of went for the full 5 minute time limit your were getting. Overall this is a hard challenge if you think about it not an easy task.

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            Definitely one of the tougher ones to do IMO. Best done with a full party or a nearly full party, and even then it takes patience. Got this one done when most of the enemy team backed out as well lol Overflow seems to be one of the best maps for it since it's easy to cover all 3 points practically all the time, got that challenge done twice on that map I think lol

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              I say keep on keeping on OP. You'll get it eventually! The Dom Master calling card is sweet IMO, and hey, the XP wont hurt now will it

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                  I did it solo. At the start I just told the other randoms that I wanted to try for it and asked that they at least help push up to "B". I then capped A (we spawned C) and tried to control the enemy spawn proactively so that we could manage the flags, I was floating between A and B the whole time. I am a decent shooter and focused on killing to keep them on their heels after we capped all three.


                  It worked but was likely an anomaly.

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                  Play in a party. It's so much easier to achieve that challenge by effectively communicating and playing with friends.