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    Hats off to Catpurse :)

      So earlier I was reset, I couldn't find a match and I was reset to level 1.


      I PM'd catpurse.


      I did a fresh start like 2 weeks ago and had just golded my smr ...again.

      Within 45 min of emailing him, I logged back onto my account and had been fully restored (although to my previous status , not my fresh start stats).


      I really, really had not expected so fast a response.  My hat is tipped to you kind sir - I almost lost my will to play through the grind again.


      I have been on here long enough to get a feeling that stat resets are something only a few lucky people get, if they complaign enough on here.  I was proven wrong.


      This is why, despite other issues, I absolutely love 3arch dev team.


      I just wanted to post something possitive here