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    So, does reporting cheaters do anything?

      Hey, first off, thanks for the great game!  Black ops 2 rocks!


      Just thought i'd throw this out there.  Its been nagging my mind for a few days.  There are occations when its obvious someone is hacking, such as when everyone just gets immediate headshots the moment they step in front of them.  Such players are obvious, with huge kill-death ratios, and are easy to report.  But there have been a few occations when i've seen them again, and few days later.  So does reporting players in game actually have an effect?  Other times, its hard to tell.  Lots of players are very quick to start shouting "hacker", and i'm always hesitant to report players that aren't obviously hacking.  They might just be playing really, really well. 


      Also, there have been a few games where i'm doing really well myself, and i end up being called a cheater.  There was even one time where the guy was trying to get the whole server to report me.  I've never given it much though tbh, i generally see it as a badge of honour to be called a cheater when you're not, and are on a roll and doing well.  As a player that hates hackers, i translate it to "omg you're amazing".  They only have to stay with me a few rounds to see that i rarely manage to keep up a good roll.  Sometimes you can't help it, and just play terrible!  But regardless of how much you tell them that you're not a hacker, and that you're just playing well, they just keep on ranting about it. 


      But still, it got me thinking about how the whole report system works.  Anyone have any idea?  Is it as simple as examining the reported players account for signs of mental hacks, etc?  I've only reported a handful of players, and am generally extremely happy with black ops 2.  Its no-where near as bad as some of the other games out there, such as counter-strike and battlefield 3, games that can quite easily be competely ruined by selfish hacker scum!


      Still, keep up the good work, and see you on the battlefield!

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          Re: So, does reporting cheaters do anything?

          Reporting just make VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat system used in BO2) check reported player for any signs of modifiyng the game's process by dlls of cheats. Unfortunately, if a cheat's dll is not in VAC base, it won't ban the player. So the guy you had seen cheating and then met the day after could just been using a new cheat, which is not listed in VAC's "list of dlls".

          Also, you will not get banned if you're not cheating, because the system is fully automised. If you don't use cheats which inject in the game's process with dlls you can't be banned.

          For conclusion, I'd like to tell you that you shouldn't worry. Treyarch have made a great job to prevent hacking on PC. There's much less hackers than in MW3 without any doubt. I've never met a real aimbotter since the game's release. Reporting really works just the way it did in BO1, and no matter how good you play you won't get banned if you don't cheat.

          Sorry fo my bad English, I'm from Russia.

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            Re: So, does reporting cheaters do anything?

            Yes in-game reporting does plenty.


            Those reports go directly to the game's AC team, not Valve.


            There's much more going on than just VAC scanning the game's code for modifications, and what's running on your machine.

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                Re: So, does reporting cheaters do anything?

                It does absolutely nothing most of the time, kawz. Please don't lead people on to believe something that is clearly not true. I've seen multiple wallhackers (blatant ones) get away scot-free because the steam and black ops 2 report systems do nothing.


                I asked for a moderator to look over one particularly obvious case of wallhacking (the guy even PMed me begging me not to report him, and eventually changed his name/privated his account), but I've yet to get a response.

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