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        50. Re: We need a degree of camping. (the "one" playstyle game has gotten out of hand now)

        I´ve answered you a few minutes ago - now I want to explain why your point of view is false all the way!


        1. Camping needs no skill - except finding the best hideouts and the best way to protect that particular position!
        2. Rushing is not "running like an headless chicken" because if you want to succeed as a rusher you need skill, fast reaction and an idea of the enemies behaviour. Then you need to adapt to that and you only "run" if you "know" you can run safely without being shot so far!
        3. No other CoD has had "B" or centre spots of the maps that have been accessible from so many (safe) directions - and with so many camper spots around!
        4. Especially the maps of Yemen, Hijacked, Cargo or Drone are well made for camping! Not to forget Aftermath...
        5. The perks, attachments and extras provide campers even more then rushers! As a camper you don´t need to be quick so you can get equipped with all "stealth" perks, using any kind of scout-attachments, using two trophy-systems or even two shock-chargers, claymores, bouncing bettys to protect you hideout from enemies fast access!
        6. Many teams already start to camp as a team - so there might be two or more clan-members hiding in the same hideout/room. One is sniping, the others are protecting him or searching for targets as a spotter...
        7. Meanwhile "rushers" have only a few advantages on their sides: "Engineer", "Cold blooded", "Tactical Mask", "Fast hands" and "Lightweight"
          They need to find the camper without being shot, they need to enter his hideout without being shot, running into an explosive or stopped by shock-chargers - and finally they need to kill that guy in the corner with his gun already aiming to the door...


        So, Noob, please stop complaining about "rushers" - they are the only ones who feed the campers! And they are also the only ones in the game who need real skill to succeed!


        My opinion is: TreyArch did well in "reducing" camping...until it´s a team camping all match long...

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          51. Re: We need a degree of camping. (the "one" playstyle game has gotten out of hand now)

          From all the post i have read, seems like campers don't really complain about rushers, but all rushers do is complain about campers. A smart player should use both tactics throughout a game to be successfull. People need to stop whining all together. The worst is when u have a V-SAT up and you know where everyone is so you can see them about to rush right towards you so hang back wait for them to round the corner and kill them, then they call you a camper lol. I knew where you were, its being smart.

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            52. Re: We need a degree of camping. (the "one" playstyle game has gotten out of hand now)

            That´s not my definition of "camping" - that´s "smart" playing even as a rusher!


            I would never call someone a camper if he´s only staying there for a fiew seconds because he´s reloading his weapon or just knows you´re approaching...


            I also know: Most people shouting "camper" do not have an idea what they are talking about...

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              53. Re: We need a degree of camping. (the "one" playstyle game has gotten out of hand now)

              Yeah most people have no clue what's going down on your end, whether you are reloading, waiting for a care package, to them you killed them and are a camper lol. The other night on slums took a dude out with a sniper who was spawn trapping by the police car, got called a camper, moved up got him again at the police car, this time with a shotty... called a camper. Really. People need to stop there whining and just play however they want. If you die, you die don't blame everyone else. SH#T happens deal with it.

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                54. Re: We need a degree of camping. (the "one" playstyle game has gotten out of hand now)

                There is no shortage of camping going on in BO2.  I see it in every game that I play.  What is different as you've mentioned is that you are very likely to get shot in the back while camping.  Some blame the spawns but the real problem is that people are not as focused on map control as they were in previous titles.  It seems that everybody is spread out all across the maps and as such spawns are occurring everywhere.  I can remember playing KC in MW3 where the spawns were constantly flipping but the difference is that one team would hold down a power position between the two major spawns and runners would flush the enemy out of thier spawn and cause the spawn to flip in an organized fashion.  So if you were camping you bascially would know when to turn around.  In BO2 it seems that the majority of the community has forgotten everything that they ever knew about map control and just go everywhere all the time.  This makes things very dicey for the camper and forces them into a more patroling camper routine rather than the hold up in one hard to reach spot style.  This requires an adjustment that has to be made for campers to be successful just as rushers had to learn how to deal with the 200 headglitch spots in every map.  The way I see it is that we asked to be challenged and they challenged all of us.  Change often is uncomfortable but it allows us to grow.  I remember when MW3 came out how everyone was complaining about how fast paced it was compared to BO1 and now we are complaining that BO2 is so fast paced compared to MW3.  There's nothing wrong with preferring the slower paced game.  But there is something positive to be gained by honing your skills to be successful in a higher paced game that only makes you that much better at the games that you prefer.

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                  55. Re: We need a degree of camping. (the "one" playstyle game has gotten out of hand now)

                  well said!! play strategically and tactical and you will come out on top!!

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                    56. Re: We need a degree of camping. (the "one" playstyle game has gotten out of hand now)

                    Dude I have NO idea what game you're playing because Camping is still pretty strong. Heck I play mostly ground war because most maps that aren't hijacked, express, or nuketown are just campers ikn TDM, KC, or DOM. Camping is till huge even after they've done so much to remove it.


                    And Sniping,,,, what?!!! I rarely see the SVU but yes it's used as a battle rifle as much as it is a sniper rifle but that's what is was designed for. Most Sniper rifles I see used are the Ballista and DSR.... Sniping is NOT dead, if Ghost in BO1 was like Ghost in BO2 then in BO1 sniping would be dead, there were so many open spots in the mid-size and large BO1 Maps. But in BO2 there are so many sight lines that there are many spots you can pick...


                    Here the real major problem is LAG, LAG, LAG, camping is still ever present

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                      57. Re: We need a degree of camping. (the "one" playstyle game has gotten out of hand now)

                      TMBI wrote:


                      So, Noob, please stop complaining


                      FTFY & TYOA



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                        58. Re: We need a degree of camping. (the "one" playstyle game has gotten out of hand now)

                        ghamorra wrote:


                        I said this was going to happen before the game's release. People were complaining about how much camping there was, I tried to convince everyone that camping is just a counter to rushing as much as rushing is a counter to camping. Without one playstyle the other would overwhelm the flow of the game.


                        Now look at what we have

                        Ghamorra, I totally agree with you.

                        And because of that the maps are designed for rushing style,  like mazes, and that is the reason there are so much corner campers, that is the camper style that people hate more.

                        There are little space for defensive style, "camping" someone will say, but very diferent than sitting in a corner waiting for someone to pass.

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                          59. Re: We need a degree of camping. (the "one" playstyle game has gotten out of hand now)

                          And also, rushing make sense in the way of rushing someone that is defending a position. If verybody just run all the time the games just becomes a  3D version of Pac Man.

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