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    Looking for a good clan (ps3)

      What's up fellas. I'm a solo player looking for a good clan. I play domination. Kill confirmed. Demolition and team death match. What  looking for is a good core group of guys that like having fun and winning. Guys who don't talk crap in lobbies or whine. Laid back guys who can joke around.  My kd is good and I know what I'm doing so I'm not a noob. Anyways if you guys are looking for a player like me and fit the criteria then leave a message.

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          Re: Looking for a good clan

          Console ARMY is looking for like minded gamers to join us. We are an organized group with a website for our community. We are also a registered Top 100 Clan. Must be 15 or older, be mature, and have a mic. If interested please visit http://www.consolearmyhq.com/ for more information. Tell them CJ sent you.



          A little more information:


          We have game nights where we get together and play public lobbies

          We have 3 Battalions

                   1st Battalion The Americas

                   2nd Battalion Europe

                   3rd Battalion Australia

          We support both XBOX and PS3 versions of Black Ops 2

          We have 400 members within the three Brigades

                    CoD Brigade (Call of Duty Black Ops2) (7 squads)

                    BF Brigade (Battlefield 3) (12 Squads)

                    Mercs Brigade (HALO 4) (2 squads)



          What Console ARMY has to offer:



          Online Community






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            Re: Looking for a good clan (ps3)

            I should also add I had a 1.53 kd on past account. Reason I'm looking for new clan is old clan quit playing which forced me to play solo a lot. I'll make a new account and start over. Was prestige 9 level 15 on past 1

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              Re: Looking for a good clan (ps3)

              Renegade Elite Clan - PS3



              Members form all around the world.

              Squads decided upon by region and favorite game type with squad leaders.

              Take part in elite clan ops and challenges.

              If this is what your looking for check out the website and tell them BodyCountUK sent you.


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                Re: Looking for a good clan (ps3)

                We are: [MYO] - Meet Your Owners


                We are a group of 50+ members that love to play BO2 on PS3! Having fun while owning is what we do and what we want from our members as well.  By working together using strategy, teamwork and skill we are able to take on any challenge and give it our all.  All we ask from our members is that they stay active on our clan website (Which is currently only a temporary board), play a couple times a week and participate in clan ops.  We are also trying to get members to sign up for a chat service that is like AIM, its called Xfire. This is a great way for us to communicate and chat it up while we are not gaming. There is a download link on our website.  Our goal is to build long lasting friendships as well as strong teams as we begin to get to know one another better.


                So if you are still interested in joining our clan there are a few rules/expectations that we have for our members and staff:


                Play with Class

                Be active!

                Check the website daily for updates

                Play in clan ops

                Respect the Council Members and other members

                Have fun and Pwn!


                We do aim to have to have a more mature clan but we figure that does not just mean age.  This also means how we act in game and on boards.  If someone is 21 but are very immature, well they can find another clan.  If someone is 14 but hold themselves to a higher standard, well then welcome aboard.  Age is but a number, maturity is so much more.


                If you wish to know more about our clan or have questions please feel free to visit us at our temporary web domain: http://praxisdesigns.org  or fill out the application at: http://praxisdesigns.org/index.php?topic=10.0


                You can also email our Clan Leader with other inquiries at MYOCANADA109@gmail.com (He goes by CANADA109) or the clan OverSeer at xxoshxx@yahoo.com (He goes by xOSHx)


                Thank you for your time!


                - MYO Recruitment Council

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                  Re: Looking for a good clan (ps3)


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                    Re: Looking for a good clan (ps3)

                    Well as long as you're not a booster/ master prestige noob



                    2.0 KDR clan    callmeshooter-

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