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      now that I have your attention, I would like to address a problem that I know a lot of people share. before I address this problem I would like to state that more than half of the opposing side of this problem (if not all) are exactly what I'm going to talk about. the biggest problem with call of duty, is all the underage kids with or without headsets that play online. lets be honest here people (those actually of age to play the game) every lobby we join there's atleast 2-3 KIDS running their mouths, acting like a hero over the internet... that is not what online gaming is about.. I hate how i can't even use a sniper without being yelled at for "hard scoping" or get constant messages of harrasement from kids saying that "I suck" and other stupid comments.. yes im aware that this may come across as a stupid matter, yet its progessivly getting worst each call of duty game. I can't even Gamebattle because all these kids are on the site getting their parents to pay for their premium account and dispute every loss they get and of course even with my picture proof of my wins they still get it.



      I understand from the creators of call of dutys point of view.. money.. just about half of the online call of duty population is kids. maybe more. but why do you continue to make changes and listen to the opinions of kids that aren't even of age to play the game? with all do respect... look at your latest game.. now look at call of duty 4.. I'm not going to sit here and post where you guys went wrong, as its very obvious. there is so many lawsuits a parent could file , if they were to put on one of their kids headsets and listened for a game or two.. especially with all the talk with guns in the u.s.



      I feel that for the next call of duty game there should be an elaborate test that all users should take in order to gain access to online. a test only mature minds would understand and be able to complete. nothing difficult.. something *mature minds will understand*..

      hopefully no one is offended by this post.. if you are.. I will remind you that this is a site for a mature rated game.