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    Noob needs Info

      So I finally broke down and purchased BO2 to play on my "daughters" Wii U console. I have to admit it wasn't what I expected it would be, but after I let go of my understanding of human physics and actual military TTP, I found that I enjoyed it. And now I've become addicted to the online multi-player games. I keep getting owned, (still having fun though), so I thought a little research on the topic would be helpful and I found this community.


      While my 1st impression here was a bit muted after witnessing all the trash talking of this game I decided I'd give it a shot. There seems to be some really dedicated folks on here who could point me in the right direction. Like I said, I'm new to this and I've never bought into the online shooter game scene, so I clearly don't understand why or what some folks are so worked up about. The game works great for me. I would just like to know more about it and it's  game-play, strategies, etc.


      Maybe I should backup even further. I hear all this talk about "DLC" and "patches" compiled with complaints on controllers, etc. I don't even know what that stuff is. So if anyone here could be so kind as to enlighten me, I'd be grateful. As for controllers, the Wii U game pad is more controller than I've ever seen. I'm very curious as to what the discussion is there also.


      Finally, when I signed up for an account here, it wanted me to go "elite" and connect my console. There is no option to connect the Wii U that I noticed. Am I missing something or is this all part of the near mutiny I've read in other posts?


      Thanks in advance for helping the Noob.

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          Well dlc is the downloadable content such as new maps etc, patches are the fixes to bugs, glitches, exploits, whatever you call them. Elite ties all the content and online features together, I'd know more but we don't get it so anyone with a ps360 comment on that. I love the game, needs fixing and fair treatment but its still great

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            ther are alot of strategies,a nd things to keep in mind when playing, even when something stupid happens and you need to understand why.. ie. I shot first, but i died = lag


            or where you see yourself at is not where the game registars you at on the map.. it actually registars you like fractions of a second behind, so even though you saw yourself turn that corner, the game didnt registar you around that corner yet. nor did the enemy, and he was able to kill you before you turned the corner... just to keep that in mind..


            if you want any other class set ups that work for different play styles, youd have to be more specific

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              Welcome to the game, first DLC as stated is Downloadable content and it gives the games creators a way to share new maps and weapons with the community for an extra cost. The WiiU and the Wii so far has not recieved any DLC. Patches are fixes for the game, the people who developed the game can not test all of the features on such a large scale in house so when the game went live we notice a few things that seem odd, off, or just plain messed up and then they try and fix those things with patches to the game that are downloaded when you load the game. You may have noticed this when you first played the game.


              As far as controllers, DA is what we call dual analog and it refers to the game pad and pro controllers. These controllers have 2 analog sticks that you move to play the game. The one thing that sets the WiiU and its predecessor the Wii apart from the XBOX and PS3 version of this game is the ability to use the WiiMote. The WiiMote allows you to point and shoot while we use a single analog stick to look and move. The WiiMote gives you a better gaming experience once you learn how to use it, it does have a significant learning curve for some people and therefore we have 2 different styles of controllers.


              Some people (mostly in this community) can not use DA controllers. Our brains are just not wired to do that, I'm not sure why. I have tried over and over again to be a DA player and have tried again with the game pad when it came out but I really can't play with DA so I only use the WiiMote as do many others here. Put another way we would not play this game on a Wii if we were DA players, we would have gotten an XBOX or PS3 already and some of my favorite Wii players did just that a long time ago. (sad)


              Because this is your first game of COD and it is on the WiiU you don't realize why we complain about settings and lag and things. For most of us Wii players this is our 4th or 5th COD game and the WiiMote controls that this community lives for have been lacking at best since launch. We know the programmers are working to make us happy but when they fix one issue it tends to break another. Really the whole thing won't be worked out until the new COD comes out next fall, until then we just complain so when it does come out next fall maybe (sigh) we can avoid some of these problems and re-enforce the fact that we don't care about the game pad or other DA controllers. If the WiiMote doesn't work then most of us would not buy it because we just can't play it any other way. I think the programmers assumed that we would all shift to the gamepad because it comes with the WiiU, I use mine for the chat feature but I would rather just plug in my old USB headset and turn the gamepad off.


              We are a small community and for the first time in history we are getting active game support. In the past COD titles we may get one or 2 patches but then we are left to fend for ourselves as the enitre Wii support team starts working on the next COD title.


              See you online!

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                Many thanks to the responses. (I would have marked all the answers as correct, but I couldn't) That clears things up tremendously.


                And I can see where the frustration is coming from now as well. The Wii communities are sort of being treated unfairly in terms of updates/grades. Or maybe better stated, the other communities get prefericial treatment. Maybe its a supply and demand thing and as you said, if the communities continue to grow, so will come the extra goods.


                I've been playing with the game pad, so DACs don't seem to be that bad for me. I also like that I can play it soley through the pad while my family is watching TV. I will be trying with the wiimote ASAP. Maybe that's why I get owned so frequently.


                Thanks again and hope to see you online.

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                    If you use the Game Pad as a display you can still use the WiiMote but it is really hard to see. I have done it a few times in a pinch.

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                      Part of getting owned is most of the people you play online have been at it for a while.  Also the maps in this game are, well, complex seems like a good word. There are several angles to cover.  Once you learn them you'll get better at it. 

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                        Here's a guide on how to setup your Wii Remote:



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                            I wouldn't change a thing with the default WiiMote settings for someone new. I have never used anything but the default setting and it works great. I did change the preset to Advance to up the sensitivity to be closer to MW3 but don't bother changing button layout and things. I know a lot of you are used to the layout from before MWR but not me because MWR was my first COD. Default settings are way easier because next fall when the new COD comes out default is still the same and everyone else will rage about missing settings.

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                            Hi battlegun!


                            Welcome to our community! I'm so very glad that you decided to post. The best advice I can give you is to not give up. Whilst it may seem at times that you're constantly getting owned, persistence is key. The old adage "Practice makes perfect" is absolutely true for this game.


                            I am one of the more experienced Wiimote users around here, so please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding setting up your Wiimote. In fact, I've been running a Youtube channel for a little over a year now to, among other things, help new players such as yourself.


                            Here's a few videos to help you get started:


                            Sensitivity options explained:



                            My button config:

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                            As with most games, physics in the real world doesn't apply.  You will want to spend some time with a gun that suits you and see what works about it and what doesn't for you.  It doesn't hurt to explore other guns while you are doing this because mainly what you are looking for is your go to gun.  The one that just seems to fit how you like to play.  Once you get good at playing with it, it is easier to take on other guns and learn how to use them.  Every gun has it's pluses and minuses but for those that learn them each one can be very good.  The MP7 and MTAR are both pretty good starting guns.  The MK48 is also really good but because it's a LMG you will move slower.  So if you like to rush into the action go with the MP7.  If you like moving quickly but are a little hesistant use the MTAR and if you like to hang back more then use the MK48 to start.  As perks go, run Blind Eye and Toughness for the most part but keep a class setup with Blind Eye and Coldblooded for when someone calls in a Lodestar.  As you develop you'll change up your perks but the Blind Eye/Toughness combo will help you not have to worry about most air assaults and it will help you stay on target when you are getting shot at.


                            Don't worry one bit about dieing.  Everybody dies alot when they first start out.  Some folks will complain but you're not the only new person out there.  So it's not really a big deal.  However, if you are looking to get better then watch your killcams and be sure to run the UAV scorestreak.  Both will give you an idea of where the enemy is and that is very helpful to someone that hasn't mastered all of the typical high traffic areas and camping areas of the maps.


                            There is lots more to tell you but this will get you started in the right direction.  Once you get the basics down you'll be ready to explore and learn all of the other fun things that CoD has to offer.

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                              Stellar insight everyone! Thanks again for the many pointers. Shows that you don't really mean it when you cut my throat with your tricked out rambo knife. (Which I haven't even figured out yet. Just not my priority of things to learn.)

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                                  What pwnsweet said, keep at it. We all sucked when we started. I started in WAW, and sucked badly, but I enjoyed it like mad, improved thru bo1 to mw3 ,and bo2 is just messed up in so many ways that improvement and stats mean nothing.


                                  Regarding sensitivity, test things out in `local game`, as sensitivity is very personal. Try the preset controls, coz theres sooooooooooooo many different things to adjust, that to get ot perfect is very hard, start with greenhorn, and play bots to get a feel. And dont be afraid to take a step back to get better. I worked my way up to intermediate settings, then after the patch I dont know why,but it made me feel sick, and I had to back down to the 2nd preset. Remember you can change your controls ingame so you dont have to back out and restart


                                  Just play as you feel ok with, and if the trash talkers get to you, just turn audio off in controls.

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                                  My best advice to you, advice I wish someone would have given me 3 years ago - NEVER READ THESE FORUMS COZ THEY TAKE THE FUN AWAY FROM THE GAME ONCE YOU KNOW WHATS REALLY GOING ON


                                  Seriously though they say knowledge is power, but in the case of this game it isnt. If I didnt know about 3/4 of the stuff what goes on, id just think I sucked I wouldnt know about stuff being overpowered and different controllers, and connection issues, and things having advantages etc etc and once you know whats what it WILL make you rage. Thats why you get so much anger on stuff. I could go on a rant about why our console and game were way more expensive than the ps3 and xbox, but they get the full and we dont. Or I could complain about why do Treyarch games connection suck, when infinity wards doesnt? Yet Treyarch make better games that IW. Seriously, once you soak it all up, it`ll drive you mad. Stay a noob and enjoy the game for what it is, coz if you can do that, its fun as hell

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                                      LOL. Yeah. I'm starting to see the truth in that. I'm taking these forums for what they are. I'll never have the time to be a "pro" at this, and trash talking doesn't phase me. I've spent 14 years dealing with the best trash talkers in the country. I can deal. I get that I'm playing a game, and there will be times where I cuss the t.v. or that John Rambo ninja dude that keeps stabbing me in the back, but its all fun. I'm not going to have nerd rage or get my panties in a bundle over any of this. Life is too short.


                                      Many many thanks for all the advice folks. It's all like McDonalds up in here. Lovin it.