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    Probation for Hardcore?!?!?

      So I do not know when they added this probation crap but they need to take it out of hardcore or take off teamkills in hardcore. I got kicked 3x because of my sentry gun killing teammates or teammates blowing up my claymore to get themselfs killed (clan mates being jerks) cause they run infront when it is shooting a enemy. So I can not play a game because of stupid dumb teammates getting themselves killed. Also, my timer reset twice now so I have been sitting here for 10 mins waiting. Anyone know of a bug or any solution they might be coming up with?

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          Please get this probation BS out of the game.

          I had the same thing happening to me and again probation time.

          Ure ffing up the game with this STUPID probation BS

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            When did they add a probation to HC ?


            That's all I play and have never been on probation ..

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              I too only play HC.  My son and I were playing and we got booted a time or 2 for team death.  He got put on probation and I did not.  The very odd thing..  he was demoted back to lvl 1.   really irritating and seriously needs to be fixed.  Player death happens.   I still think there needs to be a reward for most killed by team mates or most team mates killed by xxxx gear.   seems i die atleast 1 time every 2 games

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                I love probation. It is a brilliant addition to the game.


                I teamkill on Hardcore plenty of times, and never get probation. Are you guys that stupid that you get kicked multiple times in a row?


                I am sorry, but this game has no place for dribbling idiots.

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                    Team killing happens but some of them are just plain idiot team mates running into the line of fire on sentry guns and it can get you kicked quick. I had two games in a row where I was kicked within a 30 seconds of setting up a sentry that where getting plenty of kills. I am all for probation for team killing though esp when its those few **** heads who do it just to steal your care package or to mess with you..


                    I have not hit probation on any thing but league play though so I thought it was removed from every thing butt that. I see no  point in playing a  game when two people in the room have 4 bars and you can't kill anyone shooting nerf balls instead of bullets so if it punishes you for backing out then this game will die out sooner, it all ready gives you a loss even if you never spawn into the game and now its going to add a probation period to it?.  Its bad enough that alot of them games are unplayable, or your thrown into a lost game on a map you hate.  The only way probation would work is on dedicated servers where everyone is on even grounds and your not thrown into lost games..

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                    I agree it is BS....... the warning txt reads you have left two many games before they finished (this is not an exact quote  but gives you the point)

                    ........ I always play HC/KC

                    Yesterday morning (thursday) i did rage quit two games back to back, because they were not playable....then got kicked out of a game because of a badly placed lighting stike ......I go to find a game, I get the probation warning ....and a 5 minute probation


                    Then Last Night (Thursday) I was playing with my clan mates,  No games were left early, the only one that didnt get finished was one that a host migration did not complete and it put us all back to the pregame lobby ........we played a few more games....then I Backed the entire party out of a pregame lobby to pick up another clan member......... Well I got another 5 min probation.......this happened to me twice last night, ....each time the only thing i did was back out of a pregame lobby to pick up another team mate so it left me and my team mates wondering .......why ...the probation ....I understood the first one i got yesterday morning......i didnt like it, but i had jumped out of the games.....so i took my probation ........but last night had me scratching my old bald head.....i had left any games early, nor did anyone in my party ......i was not kicked out of any games for teammate kills, .....nor was any one else in the party........I just simply backed out of Pre-game lobbies taking the party with me to pick up someone else.........