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      • 30. Re: An Informal Poll About Weapons

        1. RPG - 1.32 (732 kills)

        2. S12 - 1.27 (1193 kills)

        3. Executioner - 1.14  (1405 kills)

        4. HAMR - 1.12 (231 kills)

        5. M1216 - 1.11 (736 kills)


        Probably the strangest top 5 you'll ever see. And yes, I'm "that guy" who runs around with the RPG

        • 31. Re: An Informal Poll About Weapons

          1. mk 48

          2. lsat

          3. qbb lsw

          4. svu-as

          5. hamr





          • 32. Re: An Informal Poll About Weapons

            Do you know what I find funny about this poll, the majority of the top ten is ARs.


            So lets now either a) buff the SMGs back to where they were or b) nerf the ARs


            It just goes to show that its the noobs who are screaming nerf the SMGs because they cant play the game.


            This reply was meant for the OP

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              Using SMG cause more deaths due to agressive gameplay. When I'm playing with SMG I usually get 25-40 kills and counter much more enemies. While using AR I play more defensivly/semi-camp. I get 20-30 kills but die rarely.

              So overall scores are much lower with ARs than with SMGs...at least this is my experience.

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                1. AN-94




                3.Type 25


                4. Swat-556


                5. Fal osw

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                  Bearing in the mind the 100kill minimum, mine is as follows;


                  1. S12

                  2. PDW

                  3. R870

                  4. AN94

                  5. T25


                  Interestingly, the top 3 have a much betetr KDR than the assaults.

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                    You are correct SMGs are more conducive to rushing (aggresive) while ARs are better for a more defensive (careful) gameplay.

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                      AN94 6.02


                      PDW 3.87


                      FAL 3.81


                      CQB 3.34


                      MSMC 3.33

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                        Yeah, this is not even close to being sceintific.  For one thing, the sample size is still incredibly small, and as you pointed out a (decent) player will change their gaming style and become a bit more defensive when using an AR or LMG vs. an SMG or shotgun.  But even with so few people involved so far, you can see a few patterns developing:


                        For one, Treyarch apparently has done a great job in balancing the weapons.  The only primary (not counting the assault shield) which nobody has mentioned is the KSG, and there's a tremendous amount of variety in the weapons each person has named.


                        Additionally, you can see that when taking only k/d into consideration there isn't really a disadvantage to using any class of weapon, obviously varying based on individual skill level.  The sniper rifles tend toward the bottom of the list, but far fewer people use them vs. the other classes...for those who did mention snipers, they generally ranked very high on their lists.


                        And of course you can start to get an idea of which weapons might be better (or simply easier to use) within each class.  The AN-94 and FAL OSW are running away with things among the ARs at this point, while the PDW-57 is well ahead of the other SMGs.


                        Interesting stuff at any rate, and hopefully it will become even more interesting as more and more people respond.

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                          I've definitely gotten killed by the pdw and mp7 more than any other weapon. 1442 and 1183,respectively. The M27 coming in 3rd with 677 deaths from it. Just goes to show what the community uses the most.