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        10. Re: why most people are really laging

        Did you hook it up with a HDMI cable?

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          11. Re: why most people are really laging

          To the OP, lag isn't always in people's heads. Its always been there in every Online Game.


          That being said, there is definitely an issue with input lag. I was using my new 47" Vizio 3D Smart TV when I moved, and was frustrated out of my mind trying to play MW3. I had been doing well before the move on my smaller TV, but when I made the switch it was like I had never played CoD before. Lost every gunfight, the pace seemed all messed up, and I could barely go positive. My K/D Dropped to below 1.0 and it just wasn't fun to play.


          I attributed it at first to adjusting to the size of the new TV and things got a little better with time, but I was so inconsistent. Some guys on here saw me discussing this and suggested using "Game" Mode or getting a gaming monitor. "Game" Mode seemed to help a little bit... but not all that much.


          Got an Asus monitor with HDMI input... the difference is night and day.  I was consistently scoring higher on MW3, and in BO2 my success has continued. My K/D is the highest its ever been, my win percentage is over 60%, and my SPM always puts me at the top or near the top of the HC TDM Leaderboards. The experience is more consistent, thus more fun.


          Some people will laugh it off, but input lag can definitely effect gameplay.

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            12. Re: why most people are really laging

            Ooohhhhh....  So the reason I see everyone on the opposite team as 2 bars while i have 4, which to me in game they are lagging, is because MY television is not setup correctly.


            HAHAHHA. How f***ing dumb.


            I'm so GOD DAMNED tired of seeing these posts.  And you fools that are thinking of buying a new tele because of this piece of crap game are even bigger tools than the OP.


            How about this:


            They are lagging because they have a shitty connection and this game now caters to them.  Plain and simple.

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              13. Re: why most people are really laging

              That's networking, not personal lag, as being discussed in this thread.


              There's a delay when the game puts it into the stack saying 'draw this', it gets sent through to the hardware, then to your tv. Obviously it's nothing to do with the hardware, but your tv can make you 'lag' since it also needs to send it to the stack, to the hardware, to your screen.


              A shitty connection? All you need is a shitty connection to play this game online.

              Speed doesn't matter that much. It all depends on local. Who is host and how far away is he. Which comes back around to the matchmaking system being bugged (I wouldn't neccessary call it broken).

              That's what Peer-To-Peer games are, host. Someone is hosting the entire lobby on his internet.

              Granted, there are probably ludicrious checks on Treyarch's servers which could cause random lag, but don't quote me on that as I don't know.


              Last but not least, when it comes to games, nothing is "Plain and simple". NOTHING. I'm not exactly thrilled that a professional company would allow a game that has some of its core severed, or even comment on why it's in the state is in, but what can ya do. They may be burned out from the year-to-year releases, who knows.

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                14. Re: why most people are really laging

                Dumbest thread ever. I've had games where I've lagged severely and I've had game where I haven't lagged at all. Does that sound like an issue with your television? No it doesn't. The real issue is this, the fact that those of us with 4 bar connections are getting lag and it's progressively worse the further down your connection degrades. Now, with MW3, the worst ping connection that the game would put you into was 125 ms, which is pretty crappy. You'll get packet loss and lag and winning a gun fight will be downright hard. Sound like some of the 4 bar and 3 bar connections you've had in game; it does to me.


                There is a simple answer to that. In Black Ops 2, they integrated in the skill based matchmaking and with that meant that all players would see a limited amount players that they'd be able to play with. So, they had to increase the amount of ping that they'd allow us to connect to a game. They actually increased it infinitely. A 4 bar connection simply means you're pinging the host at 100 ms or less; 3 bar is 200 ms or less; 2 bar is 300 ms or less; and 1 bar is anything past that. They need to just scratch up skill based matchmaking as a failure, leave it for league play, and give us the old ping based matchmaking system where we won't get thrown into any game that we ping over 125 ms with. That would make everyone's gaming experience a lot better.

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                  15. Re: why most people are really laging

                  I use a PC monitor monitor with 2ms response time and still have matches where a lot of people are just running around with a death aura so that when you see them, you die.

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                    16. Re: why most people are really laging

                    Yeah, everyone will get a laggy game here and there but it isn't every game, at least my experience. The thing is BO2 is a bit different from what people are use to, so they need something to blame it on when they get beat.

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                      17. Re: why most people are really laging

                      if you think 5ms is why people are pissed at this game you need help

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                        18. Re: why most people are really laging

                        Why are other games fine? and for me, MW3 was almost perfect had very few laggy days.

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                          19. Re: why most people are really laging

                          lol its not our TVs, man. I have a 2ms response time LED monitor. Still lag like crazy. It's mostly your internet connection. If its high speed, you're going to get screwed by the lag comp the most.

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