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    Let me be the first...and probably the only...

      Treyarch, I would like to thank you for all you have done in these first 3 months of Black Ops 2. Most people have bashed you guys since day 1. Honestly, Treyarch makes Infinity Ward look like sh*t. I mean look at who listens to the community more.


      Example #1- The first weapon DLC! How long has the CoD community been begging for weapon DLC? And our cries have been heard. We have been dealt a Peacekeeper which so far appears to have balance. You don't have to pay for OP guns.


      Example #2- Patches, buffs and nerfs! How long did it take IW to bring out an update that significantly altered the weapons/perks/score streaks based on the community's complaints? I believe it was at the end of summer in August or so. On the other hand, in the first 2 patches, Treyarch has significantly altered the guns in order to balance even more (and BO2 already has the most balanced guns IMO).


      Example #3- Zombies! IW has never had a secondary game type other than multiplayer (Special Ops is a joke). I don't personally play zoom IRS but I know many people who spend days on it. They have introduced the new game mode "turned" which has been requested by many hardcore zombie fans.


      Those are some example just off the top of my head as I am typing here. I'm sure I could think of a few more. Overall, I just feel like Treyarch pays attention to its customers more. I understand Activision, IW and Treyarch are out to get their money but Treyarch has worked the hardest for their money. None of their games have been copies of previous title like MW3 is a copy of MW2 with different maps. It just makes me confused as to why so many people say Treyarch doesn't listen to the community when they have constantly made improvements and added weapon DLC, interactive maps, etc. So the purpose of this is to thank Treyarch for working hard to please us (even though it is very hard to please a community such as ours and in no way can they please us all). Call me a fanboy if you want, but I just enjoy Treyarch games more than IW games. People tend to say Treyarch doesn't listen because they won't fix the lag, but no one can. It's a very complex issue involving coding and host migrations. That's why neither IW or Treyarch has "fixed" it. MW3 lagged just as much as if not more than BO2.


      Let's at least show Treyarch that we appreciate them giving us things that we have been begging for for years. I mean at least they are trying. They aren't like IW was during the entire span of MW3 in that IW kept quiet the entire time and tried to appease us with pathetic DLC every month. Lets face it, this upcoming DLC is the best DLC so far in any CoD game due to the fact of us getting a new weapon and most of the maps are very good. I understand that PS3 hasn't gotten the DLC yet but some of us PS3 users have played the maps and/or watched YouTube videos about the DLC. Once again, thank you Treyarch for the hardwork. It really shows.