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    When is the sniper hate gonna stop

      After playing the maps the game was shipped with, it was very disappointing to find very few lines of sight longer than a few feet (sarcasm). But in all seriousness, in previous treyarch dlc's the gave maps that were more open and had a few more sniping sight lines but not to where they were op (Berlin wall, convoy, hazard, hotel, etc.) Yet with revolution it's more of the same small, cluttered, terrible for spawning maps that were shipped with the game. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy these maps, but they could've done a few things to at least give snipers something to do. Like on hydro, the could've made b flag much like b flag on convoy but instead two snipers can't even see each other on opposite walkways and the placement of a and c flags funnels most of the action to the sides between the two spawning rooms. Just my two cents. Would love for them to give the snipers or even ar's for that matter, some love as this game is still way to SMG based and the ar's as a class are underpowered.



      Btw how is everybody liking the new FAMAS(peacekeeper)

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