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    Clan please?

      Here are some of my Black Ops 2 stats as of now:


      • 34798 kills
      • 1.94 K/D ratio
      • 402 SPM
      • 3 nuclear medals
      • 18 unstoppable medals
      • 19 gold weapons, most are diamond
      What I bring to the table for your clan:
      • Strategy. By that I mean map control and awareness
      • Experience. Ive been playing CoD actively for about 5 or 6 years now ever since CoD 4 was relaeased
      • Maturity. I'm 20 years old, not some little kid
      • Raw talent. I very rarely find players that are truly better than I am, not trying to brag, but it's true. When I'm on my game... good luck
      • Availabilty and dependable. I'm on xbox live a lot, mosty at night around 6pm-3am EST
      • Loyalty. That's pretty self explanatory
      • Sportsmanship. I'm competitive, but I know you have to lose sometimes and I'm a good sport about it


      Thank you for your time.

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          Re: Clan please?

          Ever think about getting a PS3?  You'll do well no matter what clan lands you!  Good luck.

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              Re: Clan please?

              I have a PS3, but none of my friends have one. ): I actually prefer the gameplay on there, but oh well.

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                  Re: Clan please?

                  Well if you're legit, have good scorestreaks called in, you may join my clan (2.0 KDR+ clan).


                  Most our players are around 17-25 years old, so they're in your age group. I, myself am 16.


                  We are starting to record Youtube and stuff..


                  About our clan is just basically, 90% of us use VSAT and above scorestreaks and EARN THEM. 99% of our games we get atleast a VSAT up in the air. The other 1%, we don't do good..lol


                  My stats:


                  2.05 KDR, never going to move...


                  450 VSATs

                  110 K9 units

                  110 swarms



                  I am the leader, though most people are better than me...


                  We have a website, recommended you go to it (Most clan members go there, once my PSN list fills up, i will delete inactive people, and people that don't go to the website)


                  2.0 on Elite

                  All of us are legit, except honestly for our GFX / Youtube editor   (I dont allow master prestige **** lol)


                  Our website:    twopro.weebly.com


                  Have a chat where usually around 5-10 people are on at a time, including me almost 24/7.


                  Have a PSN roster with everyone's KDR, age, scorestreaks, location, etc.


                  We are PS3, if you are good on the PS3..

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                Re: Clan please?



                Xbox live Black Ops 2 clan. Brand new clan. Message Bubbagoof on Xbox live if interested

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                  Re: Clan please?

                  Can you quickscope, if so we want you!

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                    Re: Clan please?

                    Bro, im recruiting for my newly made clan. We arent the best in the world, but we certainly are the worst. We play COD for the game and quality. Not to get some hard on about kills, or rage when we go negative. So we are decent players looking for recruits. You could be an major asset for my clan. Just reply if interested. Thanks.

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                      Re: Clan please?

                      Hello, I am a recruitment officer for instantdeathsquad, or IDS. We have a large COD divison. We are an 18+ clan so ne need to worry about squeakers. We also have copetitive squads if you are looking for that. I encouarge you to look at our site, http://instantdeathsquad.net.


                      See you out there,


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                          Re: Clan please?

                          Fearless Under Fire (FUF) is currently recruiting active 1.5+ K/D players.  We are interested in recruiting both casual and competitive skilled players.  For the competitive player, our footprint within the BO2 competitive community is increasing rapidly.  Players interested in becoming more involved in GameBattles, League Play, and online tournaments will find plenty of opportunity in FUF.  For the casual player, if you’re tired of rolling solo, your current clan doesn’t match your skill level, or are just looking for some people to hangout with on BO2, then FUF might be exactly what you need.


                          About Fearless Under Fire:

                          FUF is a Black Ops 2 clan located exclusively on the XBox 360 that emphasizes fun, competition, and maturity.  We are composed of a diverse group of individuals from many different backgrounds and geographic regions.  Created in 2011, FUF has grown dramatically since its inception, amassing dozens of loyal and highly-skilled Call of Duty players.  We are supportive and dedicated to one another.  Many of our members would consider FUF their extended family.  Our relationships with each other form the core of FUF.  We are actively involved in Clan Ops, Clan Challenges, Game Battles, and League Play, which all members are both welcome and encouraged to participate in.  FUF is currently ranked #2 on the ‘Top BO2 Clans’ website (http://topblackops2clan.gotop100.com/).  FUF is a sponsored clan.



                          • 1.5+ K/D
                          • 18+ years old
                          • Play on XBox 360
                          • Be active
                          • Always demonstrate maturity
                          • Must have a mic and actively communicate (i.e. callouts)
                          Highlights of membership:
                          • League Play
                          • A Competition competitive team
                          • GameBattles
                          • Clan Ops
                          • Clan Challenges
                          • Inter-clan contests
                          • Pub-stomping
                          • live-steamed games
                          • Player youtube channels
                          • Leadership opportunities available to members demonstrating exceptional dedication
                          • Something for everyone (both casual and competitive players will find plenty of opportunities for fun and competition in FUF)



                          TO APPLY:  Please visit www.fearlessunderfire.com/recruitment to apply or message me in game with any questions you may have GT Stigs666

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