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    Migrating Hosts and Lag.

      Anyone else noticing a huge increase in both of these since yesterdays patch? I seem to get a migrating host message every third game or so now. Where I would see maybe one every week or two. And the lag is just horrific now. I didn't have this much of a problem with it before the patch. The game is a lot more jumpy, and i'm constantly running into objects when turning corners, something I would never do before. Its frustrating because I have really enjoyed playing this game for the past couple months. But now it feels like the fun is being taken out of it with this patch.

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          I believe this is due to the re introduction of the probation system. People that leave games early are now getting 5 minute long bans for doing so. I think it's backfiring and causing these people to develop a "f*ck you" mentality toward the whole game - so they're thoughts are "I've waited 5 minutes for this....f*ck it I'm out of here!" when things aren't going their way. I've noticed too that game lobbies are emptying as much now if not more than they were before and I'm seeing host migrations / games dropping back to the main menu more frequently since the patch. You would think probation would stop or diminish these problems, but I think it's doing the exact oposite of it's intended effect.

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            After the patch... Still lots and lots of lag.. Still always pulling host.. Still backing out... (Connection good enough to host but not to play... Something's not right)

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                I thought I was the only one suffering with lag ! blaming my internet connection but a few have mentioned the problem now. It does get FRUSTRATING when lobbies crash or games collapse.As I recall MW3 had serious lag when I first played it but IW done a patch or someyhing similar and I don't seem to get it anymore. Hopefully Treyarch can do something similar because BLOPS 2 is a really good multiplayer when everything works, better than MW3. Sorry I can't help

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                I'm also noticing its hard to stay in a good, competitive lobby now. Its usually disbanded or you are booted back to the main menu screen after 2 to 3 matches. Where normally you can stay in a lobby for several matches before the patch. I stick with Ground War mostly because I can't stand the small maps on this game. But now it seems to be even more Raid and Plaza everytime I am thrown into a new lobby. Very frustrating. And every single match now seems to have someone going 60-5 with the lodestar/swarm/dogs and bigger score streaks constantly now. where I hardly saw these guys in ground war. now they are in every match it seems. And that causes even more host migrations because people back out more. Those matches are beyond laggy as well, even if the big score streaks are on my team.


                Overall after two days of playing with this patch, i'm definately not having as much fun, and theres a lot more glitch/laggy deaths. even when I kill someone, its like how did I survive that? or you get the matches where 6 or 7 close to medium range M8A1 shots will not drop someone. Sorry for the rant guys and gals, but I have been playing this game non stop for the past month or more and i've hit a big wall of frustration just in the last two days. Hopefully it will even out.

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                  as soon as i know im host i back out bc i cant kill anyone being host

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                    It's the same host disadventage as before with more general lag due to broken matchmaking and  compensation code.

                    Despite hundreds of posts about those issues, the developers are very firm on keeping the game the way it is, impementing a ban system for quiters rather than making it playable.


                    So, that's it guys, after MW3 disaster and it's even worse follower BO2, these kind of CODs you can expect in the future.