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    Pre-game lobby problems



      Since new patch, ive been expecting some problems about waiting to join a game. I have waited around 15 minutos to play in game modes like domination that there usually play around 30.000 persons.


      im from Venezuela, and I dont know if they are now controlling games by IP because since new patch, in every game most of the players are venezuelans too.


      when I'm searching a game, the screen displays things like ''analyzing match 0 for 14'' and then it goes to 0 (no games) or something like that

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          Are your connection settings set to "Any"?


          If not, try it.

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              Problem is that if he does that, he might end up in some lobby with a host that is 1000+ miles away and doesn't stand a chance.

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                  I don't see distance being that big of a problem unless we are talking accross the oceans or other really long distances. I get lobbies with people from the opposite ends of Europe all the time, and i often get host while i might be the only Finnish person in the lobby, and I'm using the the Best-search preference. I can ping servers in central Europe in 60-70ms on ping test which is not that much when you consider that the distance exceeds the 1000 miles you mentioned.


                  The matchmaking system in this game (and in BO and MW3) is broken, it puts people with all kinds of connections together, which causes the lag issues, it's not just about the distance. MW2 for example produced similar lobbies with people from accross Europe, and that game didn't have lag issues. In fact it still works with a really small player pool, and that's because the game doesn't match people with huge differences in latency together. The netcode on older CoD's was brilliant, you didn't usually have any disadvantage or advantage due to the connection (other than a slight host advantage) unlike now where they try to level the playingfield between various connections that are put together, and fail.


                  If i play during late afternoon or early evening here, i get mostly domestic lobbies. There's only a bit over 5 million people in this country, and the majority lives within a few hundred kilometers from each other and this country has a pretty good internet infrastructure while high speed connections are cheap unless you live in the rural areas, and you still get lag issues because the netcode is just messed up.


                  Now that they introduced the continent lock, people from areas that have a poor internet infrastructure and a really low player pool might have trouble finding matches, unless they use Any-search preference to widen the search area to cover other continents. If i choose the Any-search preference i also get lobbies with the majority on a 2 bar and naturally horrendous lag, but for me it's still people accross Europe. The distance isn't any greater than usual, there's just more lag people are using piss poor connections in those lobbies.


                  I guess Treyarch improved the experience for people who used to get people from other continents in their lobbies, but screwed it up for people from areas that don't have that many players (along with a poor internet infrastructure). It might be that for now only us Europeans and people from North America can now find lobbies easily.

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                  yep. I never had any problem with ''lag'', and im not the only one expecting this problem. All my friends from Venezuela are having the same problem, they have to wait around 15 - 20 minutes to play in game modes like domination or ground war, and its really frustating

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                  one thing they need to do is when game is counting down teams should be locked in. i dont know how many times  teams reset bc someone joined or left the lobby

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                    Hi guys,


                    I'm from the Cayman Islands and all of my friends from here including myself are also experieing this issue. We can't find any matches at all from anywhere other than here. This has just sarted happening ever since the 1.06 patch. Does anyone know if there is a work around or anything???

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                      Same problem with me. Ever since the patch, I haven't been able to find a single lobby.


                      It's weird that I can see my friends playing and can also join their lobbys and play flawlessly but for the life of me can't find a lobby myself.


                      I searched for a TDM lobby last night and kept it on for an hour just to see what hapens. It kept saying "Analyzing match 0 of xx"


                      Treyarch fix this please!

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                        same thing with me, since the last update patch i can't play public matches, it stays searching for players and stays like this for ever......someone has solve this problem ????? please