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    BO2 to follow BO1 footsteps?

      I truly hope it isn't the case.


      In my honest opinion, black ops 1 had the worst hit registration in the history of gaming. Getting no hitmarkers point-black on a stationary target, yet getting hitmarkers on the "wireframe" 4 feet to the left. (can't speak for mw3 because it was broken before launch and 29 updates later, it only got worse, but thats a different forum)


      AND, all of that started for me with patch 1.06 released at the end of January. Prior to that, It was the most fun I'd had in a CoD game in a long time. That was just the start. Each patch after that made it worse and worse.


      Each month in that game, I'd see my accuracy increasing, yet my kdr decreasing. I was very vocal and tried every way in the world to help via twitter and the old forums. But to my dismay, it was just unplayable.


      So far with Black Ops 2, I haven't had these problems. The ocassional laggy lobby of course and d-bag players using cheap a55 tactics, but the game has been reletively running smooth. But, after the patch that hit over the weekend, it's been dragging along, losing frames, skitching and making it very hard to play. I'm hoping it was mainly due to the xbox live problems. But all i'm seeing from friends is that since the last patch, it's just beyond laggy and the fun is gone.


      Does this mean BO2 is going to do the same route BO1 did and just become non-functional after 4 months ?


      I hope not because I love the game, but I have no qualms about stopping playing if it does.




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          Re: BO2 to follow BO1 footsteps?

          treyarch don't know how to produce good hit detection or sound, and even maps now.

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              Re: BO2 to follow BO1 footsteps?

              I agree with your statement 66.666%.

              Aside from weak footsteps the sounds of explosions and gunfire in this game are very realistic. Played a couple games of MW3 the other night. Wanna talk about crappy sound......

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              Re: BO2 to follow BO1 footsteps?

              I can't speak for BO1 because i haven't played it that much. But in MW3 when the first DLC came out, the game has changed from being a lag fest to unplayable and gamebreaking.


              I really don't understand why they can't go back to the MW2 netcode, is this because Respawn took it with them and every CoD after MW2 has now a new netcode? I barely had lag problems in MW2 and even the DLC was enjoyable.

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                Re: BO2 to follow BO1 footsteps?

                I must be crazy, but I had no issues with the hit detection in Black Ops.


                But then I play Hardcore, and I am having zero issues with hit detection in this game.


                Maybe they just suck at making Core Gamemodes?

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                    Re: BO2 to follow BO1 footsteps?

                    Agreed. This game has made me a full blooded HC convert. Used to enjoy KC and Dom on MW3 (Think I'm the only person here who loved that game) but not full time.


                    Went back and tried to play multi-team on core earlier, what a load of laggy hit marker bullsh*t that turned out to be.

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                        Re: BO2 to follow BO1 footsteps?

                        I'm not crazy, right? I mean I honestly feel like my aim matters in this game. I can tell when I am off target, and when I am on target I get the kill most of the time. Still get a few WTF moments here and there, but overall just seems right.


                        My theory is that with the Health Regen and such, it exacerbates the lag in Core.

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                            Re: BO2 to follow BO1 footsteps?

                            Nope, same here.


                            I get the odd game where I'm obviously running behind the enemy, but I can adapt and avoid face to face combat as much as possible and still do well.


                            Aside from that, everything feels fairer, they die when I shoot them and the quickest player wins. I don't mind getting killed myself either as a result. Unlike core, where I can hammering someone only for them to shrug it off and drop me instantly. I can't enjoy the game when it plays like that.

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                        Re: BO2 to follow BO1 footsteps?

                        I was getting transitioned to using a controller with BO1, but I dont remember it being this bad.  I may have been too bad to notice the problems and chalked my deaths up to being bad with a controller.  I honestly have to think that some of the people who say the game is fine may have the same problem.


                        I played all the other ones on PC, but have since bought all of the old Cod games for xbox.

                        Fortunately there are still enough people playing them to enjoy.

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