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      I have MW3 for Wii... Lately, every time I play online, it always defaults to Lockdown. The only time I can play a different place is if it throws me into the middle of a game. I had to play Lockdown 6 times in a row yesterday before I finally found a lobby with different choices. Is there anything that I can do so I don't have to play the same thing over and over again?

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          If you search the forums you'll see it's been like that for awhile now.  Best solution is to stay away from Killed Confirmed and maybe Domination (been a long time since i've been in dom so I don't know it's still an issue there).  If you like dom and kc, try mercenary.  That's all i play and it changes after every match.  Hope that helps..

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            There is a certain time of day (I have noticed) when the "Lockdown Glitch" happens. Usually around 3-7 PM EST, the "Lockdown Glitch" begins. I dont know why its there. This happens only when I play TDM around during that period. This glitch can be easily avoided by playing any another gamemode. This glitch will never be fixed so we all have to deal with it :/

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                I have noticed roughly the same pattern.  It is much easier to get into a non-Lockdown game in TDM early and late in the day.  I'm thinking perhaps the Lockdown "glitch" may actually be a hack--why else would it happen more frequently during certain times of the day (and not all day) if it were a glitch?

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                There are at least 2 servers which produce nothing but Lockdown games in Team Deathmatch mode.  If there is a map-vote, it is only between Lockdown and Lockdown.  Since we don't have any choice where we end up, and we're not generating the servers for the game, it must be that the servers are hacked by outsiders.  Activision's own property, hacked!  Sometimes the game starts and I get nothing but a black screen and the faint background noise from the game for over 30 seconds, locked in, unable to get out.


                It is the worst online multiplayer experience I have had in 15 years.  Activision should actually FIX their stuff but it's been going on like that for over 3 months.


                Maybe I can get this game pulled off the shelves in Canada, by Trade & Industry Canada, for false advertising on p. 5 of their ridiculously thin manual, which said there were a "variety" of games in multiplayer mode.  That would get Activism's attention.



                [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nb5Ubo61pts | http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nb5Ubo61pts]

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                  get a wiiU and BO2 and that wont happen to you.

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                    Its Usually on TDM where u always play lockdown.


                    Its because of all the stupid hackers using force host