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    Whytie84 First Ever Montage - Funny C4 Fails & quality C4 multikills. If you dont like C4, this might convert you!!!

      Alright guys, done pletny vids of moabs etc before, now decided to dabble in a little montage. I couldnt put all of my footage in as the vid would be 30mins long lol, it includes c4 funnies, fails & beastly multikills from myself and some buddies i play with in our small clan.


      It should hopefully provide some entertainment for you guys aswell as some ideas for new C4 users out their.


      Like the title says this is my first montage and i've tried to keep it simple. any feedback +ve or -ve appreciated as this is quite new to me.


      Hope you like it






      I see mainly semtex getting thrown about when im playing, and i think apart from getting stickies, semtex sucks balls. What do you guys choose to use and why?


      P.s i hope to god C4 can be used in blops2 like it is in mw3. so much easier to use than in blops1!!!