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    Effective TF buff + Patch thoughts

      Since the LMGs have faster ADS times, effectively the TF just got a buff.  You don't see to many LMG's w/o TF's.  3arc took the most OP thing in the game and made it better.  I'm amazed.


      The FAL was a great gun but it wasn't op.  Now its crap.  Not sure which AR will shine through as the best now but once its starts getting use i'm sure it will get a nerf too. 


      I felt for sure the TF would get some kinda nerf.. slower detection time or something.  I also felt the EMP nade needed some kinda nerf too.  Neither of these happend.


      I am glad they buffed the Dragonfire; it's such an awsome tool.  I used it a bunch yesterday and the gun is worthy now.  It still needs more health though.. even when i was flying high anyone with an AR/LMG could shoot me down way too quickly.


      You can still destroy a Sentry/Gaurdian from just about anywhere on the map with an EMP nade which makes them useless.  I thought the patch would atleast make it where you would need two nades or be very, very close with one.


      Didn't see any mention of anything helping w/ lag (other than region mod thing) or any mention of all the hacked lobbys, master prestige accounts, and hacked camo's. 



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          I didn't see the need to buff the LMG either but I'm okay with it.  I'm working through the LMGs and I really didn't like the target finder on them all that much.  I prefer the hybrid scope for my playstyle.


          The FAL nerf was not needed but I tried it again last night and really didn't have any trouble using it in full auto at range despite the nerf.

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            Fal is still beast, used it yesterday.Dont see why so many people are crying about it, so its recoil is a little more so what. The emp blast radius need taking down and can't have the ability to go through walls. Who cares about fake prestiges I destory them everyday. They did fix the custom game exploit.

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              The Fal is fine, and is still one of my favorite AR's. They gave it a small bump in recoil that's hardly noticable.


              Emp's don't need a nerf. Correct placement of a sentry will net at least 2 kills which is on par with it's score to earn.

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                i rly dont understand why ppl are crying. the Fal with select fire was a monster, and it still is. those who are crying about it are the noobs (sorry for saying this but its the truth). back in mw3 and bo1 if i saw a guy using a semi auto and do good, i would say "this guy is a decent player". but now, the select fire Fal, just makes me sick. imo the fal got away too easy, if you put select fire on this gun your 2 hit kill range should be decreased, just like the swat-556 and m8a1 with SF. if you really want a low recoil Fal just use it how its meant to be, use it semi auto.

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                  Only reason LMGs got a buff in ADS speed is because a lot of people seem to believe that EVERY weapon should be run-and-gun weapons that can ADS quickly to anyone they come across and LMGs, of course, weren't made like that. Squad automatic weapons, even as they get lighter, are meant more for suppressive/defensive fire to cover squadmates as they move forward and keeping enemies behind cover.


                  Target Finder is just fine. Yes, it's annoying and frustrating if it's used by a (corner) camper, but otherwise, it hardly makes the user unbeatable nor will they win even a majority of their gunfights.

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                    When they said they added recoil to the FAL with select fire, people automatically think its going to be a sharp increase. Nope i used it and it felt fine to me. Plus i prefer reflex and quickdraw then select fire.

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                      Completely agree. The LMG and target finder was already the most overpowered thing in the game it's just that you didn't really bump into many really good players that used them. Most of the time you would see noobs using LMG's so it wouldn't be as much of an issue.


                      I've noticed mor and more recently having people camp on Nuketown just aiming down sight with their LMG and target finder picking people off in 2 hits across map, it's a joke.


                      Note this was pre-patch so now we will see even more of them and it's now even easier for them to get kills lol. It's actually ridiculous that they got a buff.

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                          People throw around "OP/overpowered" way too easily.


                          Compared to the ARs and SMGs. I'll see maybe 0-2 LMGs on the opposing team. Hell, I see sniper rifles used a lot more than LMGs. They're hardly that widespread nor is the Target Finder (again, 1-2 people on the opposing team every few games or so while the rest are mostly iron sights or Reflex Sight, with an occasional ACOG or Hybrid Optics). If such things were SO OP, wouldn't they be used A LOT more to the point of utterly dominating every single game anyone goes into? That's where the likes of Assassin Pro (MW3) go and such.

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                          "X" needs a nerf, aka "I dont use X but it seems to kill me a lot"


                          "Y" needs a buff, aka "I love using "Y" so please make it even better for me".


                          From the DV Tweets I've read, he doesn't care what we complain about or ask to be buffed.  It may inspire him to look into it, but it will only be changed if "the maths" (DV term not mine) indicates it needs changing.


                          On the one hand I wish people would just take the weapons, equipment and perks as they are and use what they like and leave what they dont.  But then with no public beta and what appears to be an incompetent development team then there are bound to be problems with these things. 


                          Patch 1.06 has nessed around with a lot of things that at the end of the day don't matter.  What it completely ignores is matchmaking, cheaters and the bugs which people have complained about since day 1.