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    Patch broke more things than fix. SMG not overpowered, AIM ASSIST ROOT OF ALL EVIL.

      Now when I am playing as a party with a friend, we randomly get disconnected and sometimes lose our Mic. What the hell, the previous patch was much better. I see no improvement on the wiimote.


      I am not a hardcore badass that plays 24/7 just to get all the prestige stuff, I just play for fun, but once I reached rank 55, the fun factor dies because more or less everyone doing the same thing. SMG + perks for fast movement. Run around every nook and cranny and spray bullets with aim assist. You have no idea how many times I have spawned and got killed in less than 5 secs in game time cause the person actually knew where I would spawn.


      Assault Rifles and LMG are pretty useless in this game since most of the maps are small and AIM ASSIST insures that shotguns and SMGs never miss at close range. These two classes are actually fine on their own, but are effectively inferior when you have aim assist guiding less accurate classes. I think simply removing AIM ASSIST would definitey balance the classes. If the developers are just going to baby everyone might as well have perks where you can automatically launch and have kill many people by press of a button.... oh wait we have those too!


      Most scenarios, I have shot an enemy 2-3 hits but once he notices, I get sprayed by SMG bullets like it was nothing for him. Running towards you and spraying bullets while you know you getting shot at is not how it should be. I don't really use aim assist since I use the wiimote and here I thought thinking using the wiimote i would have the advantage of manoeuvering.


      Now they nerf FAL in new patch, pretty much the only real effective gun in entire assault class, which now probably going to make everyone switch to SMR. But once again, neither of these guns come close to an SMG in close range because of rate of fire, nor should they but with AIM ASSIST the chances of skill goes out the window and guaranteed to get killed.


      LMG are balanced and the slow movement speed is a definite trade-off but unfortunety since the maps are so small trying to act as support or staying put in one place at a time is has a certain degree of death written all over it.


      Other than that, the game is pretty good and spent lots of hours on it. I haven't played a online multiplayers game for such a long time which has given me this much entertainment for so many hours other than RTS games like SC2.


      I appreciate the fact that the developpers actually made this game on WII U since the multiplayer features of dual screen actually show how effective this console can be.