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    WTF! I thought War Machine sucks only at zombies...

      It has to be the worst weapon I've ever used in any shooter, or then the Flak acket does it's job extremely well.


      There was a nasty xxL337xxQuickxxScopesxx guy who kept being a pain by always using B23R on me, sneaky devil.


      But once I went to kill an enemy who just killed my team mate in one of the corridor like alleys at that Overflow map, I saw the damn guy waiting over there, I quickly ran back to my care package and tada, War Machine, sweet, thats what I thought, now I will definately teach that SOB a lesson.


      Took the WM, went back to the corridor and ADS with the WM, I saw him and wasted all grenades at him, well after the first two I see the flak jacket symbol next to the hitmarker, I figure that he will go down, but no, all I see is bunch of hitmarkers.


      I reload the damn thing and go for it again, boom boom, few hitmarkers and god damn it, he just won't die, then he finally kills me.


      Just a little confused, does the War Machine shoot sparkles and gummy bears, or does the flak jacket just make you immune to the explosives