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    can not play the game probation locked out of mutiplayer

      i started up my xbox this morning and it says im on probation for leaven games early and i have to wait 6 mins to play..i havent played in 4 days


      this is the worst update ever .. so what happens if i throw a betty down and theres a guy in the spawn and it kills my teammates ? because we all know that people camp the spawn points for kills because the games spawns are trash..


      or what happens when you get unsporting player camping on top of your eq wants to stand on your betty or camp in front of your claymore or run in your line of fire ect..

      games i leave because of the disruptive game play so now if i leave because i just got team killed 7 times..


      i have to wait a 6 min probation because i didn't want to get team killed or listen to foul lang...or music..because other people have no respect for other players in this game..