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      Okay im just wondering but does anyone else get killed by a headshot alot???


      I notice that when im shooting at someone and they then flich and in panick shoot back , they seem to get awarded alot with a Headshot lol.


      It is really hard for me to win alot of battles as it already takes me like a full clip to kill someone and these head shots are really starting to have me rage alot about this game.


      Now im just wondering if im the only 1 who experience or notice this or do more people get killed by headshots alot because  it used to take proper aiming to get an headshot but now it seems hipfire and flinching and then shoot awards them way to easy.

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          Yeah the same thing happens to me alot too. Especially when they hipfire doesn't bother me too much though because the headshot multipliers only improve TTK at medium range for alot of guns and this usually happens in CQC.

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            sometimes its the luck of the draw.. but if your having to put a full clip into someone, than your lagging, might wannt look at your conntaction, re boot your router etc. or play hardcore lol

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              I've got two thoughts here:


              1. Since Camoes are unlocked by getting headshots, everyone is aiming a little higher than they used to in order to maximize the odds of getting them.


              2. Most of the guns have a vertical recoil.  So if you aim properly the second bullet will often land you a headshot and/or if you flinch upwards then the first bullet has a chance of being a headshot.


              I get quite a few headshots in most matches or at least what I consider quite a few anyway.  Often between 2 and 4 per game.  Considering that I typically kill around 25+/- per game that's anywhere from roughly 10 to 16% headshots.  That's without carefully lining up my shots but rather just generally positioning my gun to take advantage of it's recoil pattern.

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                  yeah i get my fair of shotheads as well but im aiming lol.


                  when i get killed by 1 , on my screen it looks like the guy flinched backwards and because of that his gun went up and i get killed by a headshot lol.


                  that seems more like luck lol.

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                      There are lots of lucky headshots in the game. Start dropshotting and the panic firing will result in misses.


                      Some people whine about getting drop shotted, but it's actually only effective against players who can't aim.

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                    The only way to avoid slop shots would be to make your opponent call out where they plan to shoot like in a game of pool. You could check the results and see if the game is reading accurate. Then you would know just how good your opponent actually is, and how unaccurate the shot tracking is in the game.


                    This would be and interesting way to play the game.