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    Have an Idea (HC related)              Check it out

           As a hardcore player mainly, I as well as the rest of the HC community would like to see more playlists. Now I am guess the reason that they cant just add more is something like they have a certain amount of spot avaliable or something like that.

            Well then let me start off with does anyone play the party games as a main playlist? Like you get home from school work or whatever and play 5-8 hours of sticks and stones or gun game? I would venture to say no. Why not instead of taking up 4 playlist spots just consolidate them into one.... a party games moshpit. T

           Then guess what BAM!!! Three spots just opened up for HC demolition, dom, and whatever the hell else they want to do


      TL;DR - make party games a moshpit and add 3 HC gamemodes