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        10. Re: My thoughts about "lag"...

        lol loved the bit about host migration "games got better" that prob because i pulled host for you and as i rarely rage quit prob why it was a good game the only time i realy rage is if the lobby full of campers no i dont hate them ut as im at a very big disadvantage i will not host a game for there pleasure sitting in corners stealing a kill when i have to work my row out to stay neutral in these games that plus im always party with freinds and i feel bad for jumping lobbys on them

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          11. Re: My thoughts about "lag"...

          keeper82 wrote:



          My personal believe (feel free to disagree) is that most of the people complaining lag are just making excuses. 

          I agree that there are likely some. Me: I am 47. Have a ton of FPS experience. I am not great but good as I balance real world with this one (ranged from 1.4-1.8 K/D over the COD titles).


          Initially this game performed within my expectation and experience for online FPS. I started having intermittent issues with hit detection after the first TU. Became frequent enough that I Googled and found this site with others reporting nearly identical experiences. Validation is great however I play online to have fun and blow off steam and there are times where it simply is not conducive to either.


          To be fair, I sometimes come out ahead of the hit detection issues and sometimes behind- neither of which I want. Just normal lag for online gaming and I am good.


          I can assure you that for me empirically, there is a huge variance in my hit detection. Due in my opinion to the matchmaking algorithms they use. Who knows? I do know that something is wonky and it impacts my ability to enjoy what is otherwise a great game.

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            12. Re: My thoughts about "lag"...

            Ya I'm a whiner and suck and just complain. I mean first month of play I averaged 1.2 kd for 4000 kills and I complained the lag was bad and sucked. Then there was a TU and in december I averaged a 3.0kd and 380 spm for around 8000 kills. Then after christmas I'm around a 1.9kd and I'm feeling the lag come back. After DLC I'm down to 1.5kd for about 2000 kills.


            It's just me. I decided after going 3.0 kd that I would start to suck. Makes sense?




            First month I had the disadvantage, then I went to 3.0 because I probably had an advtange then now I'm feeling the disadvantage again.


            Maccabi and OP, you guys are probably pretty smart. But stop trying to put down people who complain about lag comp. We just use the name lag comp. I don't care if it's not called that. You know what I mean. I feel a second behind. Bullets don't hit. Blah blah. Too much writing and I think I sum it up when I say lag comp because that usually goes hand in hand with the problems I described.

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              13. Re: My thoughts about "lag"...

              Lag is a problem for a few, and seized upon by many as an excuse.


              Yes, occasionally you will get lagged out of a kill, it happens to all of us, and its happened in every single CoD to date. I cant help feeling people are just noticing it more due to having been with the series so long; the longer you stick with something, the more its nuances and foibles stand out.


              For the few with genuine problems, I wish I could loan out my connection when I'm not on it

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                14. Re: My thoughts about "lag"...

                Thats not 100% true, i could go into details but the rules don't allow to speak about such things if you know what i mean.

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                  15. Re: My thoughts about "lag"...

                  FixBlops2, I have read of ton of your posts over the last few months.  Obviously going by your name, we all know you have a negative bias to this game.  (Also the fact that your telling people on a COD forum to download the new Crysis 3 demo says something as well).  However you do flip-flop a lot.  I read a post from you right after the DLC came out, talking about how much better the game was playing for you. 


                  Anyway, I don't consider myself lucky at all.  In fact I'm quite normal in the COD world.  There are millions of COD players out there, and most of them never even venture on to this forum because they have no need to.  Think about it.  If I was part of the "lucky" group (lucky meaning part of a very small and special group) and the normal group had so many problems with this game that they had to create a forum name referring to fixing the game.  This forum would be flooded with MILLIONS of players complaining about this game being unplayable.  And I can only imagine the phone calls to Activison... I'm sorry but that just isn't true.  These forums are dominated by few 100 or so very loud complainers, complaining about the same thing over and over again. 


                  I'm not picking on you in anyway or calling you a liar, however I believe a lot of the "problems" people have this game can be easily explained...  They are being outplayed.  Although not a huge sample size, I do run a clan with about 20 members ranging from Iowa to New York (I live in Indiana), I have never heard of any of my clan mates complaining about lag.  Maybe its because I live in America, who knows..



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                    16. Re: My thoughts about "lag"...

                    First of all wonderful..... You have great games 98%, well done to you sir.


                    Not everyone who complains is a kid. I am 33 I have been playing games since I was 8.  I have been playing cod since cod2 on the 360.


                    i pay for the best internet line i can get at both my flat and my girlfriends house.


                    You sir simply represent the other half who come on here complaining about the complainers with the mindset that because the game works fine for you, everyone else is a kid who wants to just have a moan.  Frankly, you guys don't help this issue any better.


                    Are there people that will scream lag when really they do suck, yep sure... but for many of us it's a real problem and the reason we keep bringing it up is because we have played past cod games and not had a problem with them, even more amazing is the fact that at any time we can go back to playing the old games and they still play just fine.


                    Last night I was playing with a full party of us players, I was the only uk person in the lobby. Every game I had 2 yellow to 3 bar connections and every game i was going 15- 0, 20 - 1 etc.  even funnier was I was using an lmg and running headon into smg sprayers and killing them ever time. 


                    When you get a good game the difference is like night and day.


                    peple said there was nothing wrong with mw3 and the people complaining were just using excuses up until the point that IW actually patched the game and got it running better.  So really there was something wrong with the game and people were right to keep raising the issue. blops2 suffers the same problem and we are suppose to think it's just all in our heads now.   For me blops2 played fine at launch and it was only after the updates that suddenly this problem started, nothing else had changed, not my internet or anything, if i have suddenly got worse at the game how come I have not got worse at other games?  If the problem is just the internet how come I don't have this problem with other online shooters, even past cod games ?


                    again it's easy to talk when your game is running fine, would you still feel the same if they patch it tomorrow and suddenly you are losing 98% of your games.


                    anyway, i am done..

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                      17. Re: My thoughts about "lag"...

                      steve309 wrote:



                      Maccabi and OP, you guys are probably pretty smart. But stop trying to put down people who complain about lag comp.

                      It not a matter of putting people down, if people actually stopped  read what they posted and then thought hang on a minute  the post i replied to on here classic example..


                      same game works fine at friends house, doesn't at the posters.. same game same coe only difference is the posters own connection. but lets not go for the obvious when we can tar and feather lag comp.


                      im not saying people dont have issues , all i am saying is the majority of those issues have nothing to do with lag comp at all, but people will blame it.

                      Personaly id prefer it if we scrapped lag comp all together so all these people can go back to just complaining about lag, died round a corner ..lag, player shot you even though you shot first..lag .. welcome to the internet.

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                        18. Re: My thoughts about "lag"...

                        Maybe they live in different locations. Maybe poster is in NYC and can find people. I don't know. All of December I averaged around 3.0 kd. Now its like 1.4 like in November. How does one explain that?


                        What I did notice was I felt behind in the months I did bad. The month I did good, it felt silly because I was dominant and people couldn't even get a shot off on me. It wasn't fun because I had an advantage.


                        I've played on amazing internet speeds and noticed the same issue and played on bad connection, same issue. It varies. If you don't have it, don't say we are dumb until you play at my house and perform the same at yours.

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                          19. Re: My thoughts about "lag"...

                          All due respect, but he acknowledges that there ARE people who have problems. What he's saying is that many people seem to be jumping on the lag bandwagon simply because they aren't the b34st they thought they were to begin with.


                          And in all honesty its really annoying that people do that. Its self centred and muddies the issue immensely with BS clips, misinformation and bile, to the point where I couldn't blame the devs for being somewhat jaded and reluctant to communicate with people.


                          Like I said, re-read his post. Its far from a 'my connection is fine everyones a baby' rant.

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