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    On Probation? It may not be your fault, but stop being part of the problem


      If all rage quitters get put on probation, and people stop leaving matches just because they are losing = a better world.

      Stop being part of the problem: Stick it out, and don't quit. Stop trying to protect your KD and remember that you are not always going to win.

      3ARC should fix the game so people do not get get kicked from matches (see Robbie's Thread), but if nobody ever rage quitted, nobody could get thrown into losing matches thus no probations.

      chicken and egg thing I guess.

      (I am obviously not talking to the people who are suffering from freezing, game/sound corruption and party fragmenting etc...)


      Robbie's post : http://community.callofduty.com/message/414021309#414021309

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          1. Re: On Probation? It may not be your fault, but stop being part of the problem

          Does lagging behind be a good reason to rage quit???

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            2. Re: On Probation? It may not be your fault, but stop being part of the problem

            The funny thing is, a game may start off that way for me and a few minutes later (no host migration screen at all), I'm slaughtering enemy players with ease. I think people judge the first couple minutes harshly and let there emotions get the best of them. I've played TONS of games where the beginning is terrible, I'm getting real pissed and boom, somehow things change. I may switch to another class or go another direction and this makes you or breaks you IMO. People need to be flexible IMO. I play solo a lot and I have ended many matches with a great score but half my team left and the ones that stayed all went negative. No big deal, on to the next game.


            I think this "everybody deserves a gold star" BS is really messing up our society. No one wants to learn or tough it out when lag is bad (it does change through out the game, even without host migration).

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              3. Re: On Probation? It may not be your fault, but stop being part of the problem

              So, just to clarify this. When I get put into a game where I have 1 bar, most other players are teleporting past me due to the lag making it next to impossible to hit anyone; I should just patiently sit it out for a further 5 minutes?


              What then? Would you suggest that I pray for a host migration to a better host, or join a new lobby and potentially have to sit through another 5 minutes of not being able to play?


              Don't get me wrong, I don't rage quit because we are losing to a better team or because the game is slightly laggy but sometimes lobbies are so bad that you really have no choice but to back out and try another.

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                4. Re: On Probation? It may not be your fault, but stop being part of the problem

                That's generally when I do it or if I'm joining a match on a map like Nuketown only to find that my whole team is being spawn killed in the flower beds.  But even then I'll try to help out the poor folks that are left in the game and knock a few people off of their killstreaks before I go if it's just not escapable.  But to the larger point of not rage quitting.  I have to agree with RLBL.  There are way too many people that quit the second that they run into any kind of competition.  I'm not talking about getting shot by ghosts but rather just getting outplayed.  Sure they have the right to quit if they want to but putting a probation on it serves them a personal penalty for doing so.  And if that penalty causes them to either quit rage quiting or just to leave the game entirely, I think that the gaming experience for all will be improved.  I'm sure that you've noticed but BO2 is especially sensitive to folks coming in and out of active matches.  I can't tell you the number of times that I've gotten just a slight freeze in gameplay that resulted in my losing a gunfight simply because the lobby changed.  In fact on the rare ocassion where I've played in a lobby where everyone had a decent connection and the lobby stayed together, I've had the most consistent and smooth gameplay that I've ever had in my CoD history with BO2.  As soon as people start switching in and out that changes.  I'd venture to say that if there wasn't so much quiting going on then most of the complaints that people have about "lag" would go away as well because they wouldn't be experiencing these "lag" related deaths so often.

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                  5. Re: On Probation? It may not be your fault, but stop being part of the problem

                       Agree here.  When I'm getting 12 hitmarkers and using full magazines to get a single kill, there is no point in playing this lobby.  The problem is the game, not the player.  If the game ran the way it should, you'd see A LOT less people rage quit.

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                    6. Re: On Probation? It may not be your fault, but stop being part of the problem

                    These are the matches where I start off great going 15-3 in the first round of domination. Then the second round I can pump people full of lead and not be able to get a kill and end up 20-15.


                    So in those matches where we feel like a beast there is a good chance the enemy are pumping us full of lead and complaining because they can't get a kill when they should.


                    I have been trying not to quit games but there are times when it is just not possible to play.  I have had matches where I literally freeze for a few seconds even when an enemy is not around and then can move again. Not sure what causes it but if it happens a few times I quit and find a new lobby.


                    I  play solo too and if I join a game that is almost over and its on a map I don't like I will usually back out.  No reason why I should be thrown into a game on a map I don't like and not be given a choice to play or not.


                    I haven't received a warning yet and there were a few matches I backed out of last night that I got thrown into and one I backed out shortly after it started because everyone on the other team had yellow bars and were lagging like crazy.  If they fixed the connection issues there would be less people quitting matches.

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                      7. Re: On Probation? It may not be your fault, but stop being part of the problem

                      Sure that's a commendable reason to want to quit. If your connection is that bad in a lobby or in gameplay your likely to fall out of the game anyway.

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                        8. Re: On Probation? It may not be your fault, but stop being part of the problem

                        nah i know what you are saying.


                        i just go by what i see on my screen and what killcam is showing me.


                        the moment those 2 dont seem remotely close i just back out of a game.


                        there has been games where i went 8 and 20 first part of the game and then still end up 40-30 after going to my go to class lol.

                        But when even that fails im done hahaha.


                        Or when im shooting a grenade next to a person and he survives with out flakjacket  , then i already know this game is lagging bad.

                        I usually only use a grenadelauncher or RPG when my bullets dont do **** lol.

                        When that fails i just quit.


                        Usually when someone quits or someone joins or there is a host migration a game can just go for good to worse.

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                          9. Re: On Probation? It may not be your fault, but stop being part of the problem

                          well will anyone agree with me that most of the blame of quitting is laying with the same damm company who is handing out probation lol.


                          ive been playing this serie since MW and i never had this much trouble ever with the connection.


                          Heck i upgrade my internet  for MW2 just because i loved playing this serie.


                          It wasent until MW3 i began noticing that if you are the Host you are screwed and even then i could at least stick it out for my party members.


                          This game however it sucks without me even being the Host lol.
                          I know its bad when some guys i play with are even complaining about it , because they where calling me crazy after i said being the host sucks in MW3.


                          Its only a better world if nobody quits for those who are on the good side of lagg lol.

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