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    lagg since today update

      Hello everyone,


      Today i update the game (like i did the last four days) and i noticed some lagg since than.

      This never happened to me before but since i updated it today i keep lagging.

      Can someone help me?



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          Re: lagg since today update


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              Re: lagg since today update

              There's not really anything that can be done.  You could be on a server that has people from Canada, Australia, and Russia all in the same match.


              On top of that, you have people on a wireless connection or less than a 3mb connection that are causing the lag comp to go through the roof.


              Good luck.

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              Re: lagg since today update

              I spent a couple of hours last night going throught all the game files and i think i found a solution for the lag compensation that would most likely work for all of you guys who experience the lag of lag ompensation. Here's what you have to do:


              1. Turn off Your PC and leave it off.

              2. Check your funds and go to a shop that sells consoles (if you alreade own a console skip this step)

              3. Spend on the console (xbox360) whatever it costs)

              4. Equip yourself with Black Ops 2 For Xbox360

              5. Go back home and connect the conole to your TV.

              6. Get Black Ops 2 started on your console

              7. Deal with the fact that from now on you have to play the game using a f*****g game pad plus aim assist!!!???

              8. Enjoy the game with no/much less lag/lag compensation


              I hope I helped everyone solve the lag related problems.


              But seriousy now... there's nothing you can do mate. Unfortunately you will have to learn to live with the lag

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