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    Why do people like to pub bash (party)

      I just don't get it, my favourite mode is mercenary by far...


      Whats so great about getting 5 or so of your mates in a team and pub bash, duh of course you are gonna win, you're all on the same page, where as the other team will mostly be full of randoms maybe theres a party of 2? 3, I just find it soooo boring,


      Mercenary is great everytime teams are random and I have had some seriously epic battles than any other game mode ever, the only downside is every now and again you may be stuck with a much lesser team in terms of skill but overall its ok, in future installments it would be great if mercenary balanced teams out my skill perhaps on a k/d ratio type thing?


      Also if people in a party it sucks cause they will talk to the party and party alone not to the general lobby, perhaps have a switch or a button where you can talk to all members on your team?


      I dunno I think I'm gonna get shredded for this but I just don't see what the craze is, you want to play together go have a scrim with another clan, pub bashing is rather tiresome to me and I'd rather not do it.

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          At least 3arc tried to push more competitive play with League and matchmaking in general. People still just want to be Rambo though and aren't interested in a challenge. Personally I much prefer games that are won in the dieing seconds. Nothing worse than an uneven lobby, even if you're on the team doing the stomping. I'm bored of watching the high kill youtube guys too and would much rather watch pro teams where every gunfight is a 50/50 than someone who's found a lobby of casual players and half the kills are dogs/swarm.

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            I play solo a lot and on HC there are a lot of parties.


            It can be a little frustrating, but it's fun to hear them crying if they are the kind of guys that always stick together so you can get triple and fury kills on em.

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              The problem I have with Mercenary is that there are too many objective modes and everyone is just out for themselves.  The only gamemodes where you should be all for yourself are party games and FFA. Team games are supposed to be about working together, which most randoms don't do.  I love having my fully party because I can rely on them to watch my back, give call outs and to play for the team win rather than the individual achievement; oh and I can call in a care package in HCTDM without some ass on my team killing me to steal it.  Moral of the story, get some friends and play together - you don't have to be the greatest players in the world, but if you work well as a team, you'll win way more than you lose and have a more fun time doing so.

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                Friends: dont knock them till you try them.

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                  Socializing with friends beats not hearing random guy without a mic.


                  ... or worse...


                  ... random guy's music.



                  It's a team game unless you are playing FFA... so, bring a team?

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                    It's a 50/50 split between playing solo and in a party for me. I like playing solo and carrying a team / beating parties and hearing them rage. I also play better when not distracted by other people. On the other hand, it's fun to party up and have a laugh, my friends list are players of mixed abilities so a win isn't guaranteed and hammering randoms has nothing to do with it.

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                      its ok. every once in awhile, a full clan will come into a lobby with us lowly randoms. low and behold..without the aid of communication..the clan gets STOMPED.


                      you know what happens everytime that occures?


                      THEY BACK OUT!


                      sometimes though, they will play through. but..thier punishment is serious heckling in the post game lobby.

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                        You wann know why I want to play with friends, cause 95%+ of the time I play with randoms Billybob and his split screen gimp each manage to go 4-26 and they are always on my team because this games sets up matches and puts the worst players with the best.  It gets tiresome coming out of a room going 20-2 in TDM and youve lost by 30 kills cause not one other person on your team can go positive.  Everyone thinks you have to run around like a headless chicken in this game and that total kills means more than your +/-